10 best books for developing your intellect

To develop intelligence, read more. But some books are especially good for your brain. Find out which ones!

Top 10 best books for the development of intelligence:

  1. "Brain. Instructions for use. How to use your capabilities to the maximum and without overload ”, D. Rock.This book will tell you how your brain works. And an understanding of such a complex process and its individual phenomena will allow us not only to understand ourselves, but also to improve and achieve much. For example, some are charging themselves with heavy burdens, wasting time, overreacting to criticism, taking everything to heart and experiencing it because of the real nonsense. And all this, of course, overloads the brain, which significantly impairs its work. Yes, the mind can not be changed, but if you learn more about it, you can learn to take into account some of the subtleties and optimize brain activity. The author spent a lot of time in the laboratories to find out how gray matter affects human life.You will understand why you sometimes get tired and cannot think normally, and also learn how to use thought processes as rationally and correctly as possible. The book presents techniques based on accurate scientific data and are the most powerful tools to manage their intelligence.
  2. “Supertrening for the brain,” S. Wootton, T. Horn.This book is a whole collection of useful little things that really help to become smarter and more educated. There are a lot: texts, interesting puzzles, simple practical exercises, as well as tips on how to eat better and, in general, live. Using the recommendations of the authors, you will soon notice the obvious changes for the better. You will expand the capabilities of your brain, improve your memory, will be able to develop your thinking (and not only logical, but also figurative, numerical, visual and applied) learn to carry out simple manipulations in the mind and make the most of your abilities. All this will certainly come in handy in life. And since the book is intended for a wide range of readers, on which they emphasize the authors, it will help absolutely everyone, even the seemingly hopeless people who are not accustomed to “twist” people.
  3. "The development of the brain.How to read faster, memorize better and achieve big goals, ”Roger Sipe.We are all looking for answers to our questions, striving to learn as much as possible, to succeed in life and even influence this world. And it is not easy if there are no outstanding intellectual abilities. But they can be improved, and in fact it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is necessary to learn how to quickly read and memorize information, and the techniques developed by the author of the book will help in this. They allow you to learn quickly, constantly develop and achieve high and sometimes record levels. It is very interesting to master such techniques, and it is easy to put into practice. There is no miracle recipe in the book, but the results will definitely please you. According to Roger Sype, you will read two or three times faster, memorize information three times better, manage your time correctly, recharge yourself with energy, set goals and achieve them, and even figure out what your life purpose is. Impressive, isn't it?
  4. “How to develop phenomenal memory and reading speed, or Einstein's factor,” Richard Poe, Wenger Wien.The book is the result of lengthy research that lasted as many as 25 years. All this time, scientists have been trying to find ways to accelerate learning and development of the intellect. And they succeeded. The work of Wine and Po collected a variety of technologies, techniques and methods that will identify, develop and use the maximum creative, psychological and mental abilities. Thanks to all this, you can significantly increase your level of intelligence, as well as “dig out” your innate intuition and make it work for you.
  5. “The brain is 100%. Intelligence. Memory. Creative Intuition. Intensive training on the development of superpowers ", O. Kinyakina. Want to discover your superpowers and develop them? Then this book is for you. In fact, the human brain is unique, but it does not work to the full. And what will happen if you develop your intellect? You can be successful, that's for sure. You will be able to memorize large volumes of texts and numbers, all events, names and dates, you will learn how to find a way out of the most difficult situations and solve logical problems. All this will open before you if you use the exercises and techniques described by the author of the book by Olga Kinyakina.
  6. "The Japanese system of development of intelligence and memory", R. Kawashima.Using the brain is 100% difficult, and keeping it healthy and young is even more difficult. His work is influenced by a lot of negative factors, but in fact it is possible to preserve the sobriety of the mind, and everyone can do it. Renowned Japanese neurologist practitioner Ruta Kawashima developed his own unique technique, which is already used by about 2 million people throughout the world. The program is designed for 60 days, so you can become a genius in two months.
  7. “Rules of the brain. What you need to know about the brain to you and your children ", John Medina.The author of the book, who is a biologist, knows for sure that in order to improve his intellectual abilities it is not necessary to constantly perform difficult exercises. It is enough just to grasp the essence of some of the processes occurring in your brain. John managed to deduce 12 simple, but at the same time fundamental rules. You will learn many new things: how to use sleep to train your intellect, how to protect yourself from diseases through exercise, how stress and sleep affect your brain, how to memorize information better and more correctly, how to work most productively. For example, to better remember something, you should take a break every 10 minutes. A total of 26 minutes of healthy sleep will increase productivity by 34%.
  8. “Teach your brain to work,” M.MacDonaldThis interesting book tells us why we all wake up in the morning, experience emotions, fall in love. Doing all this makes us our brain. But how exactly? The creation of Matthew MacDonald is simultaneously understandable and intended for a wide range of people guidance and scientific work. Here you can find the latest modern achievements of psychology, science of nutrition, neurobiology and some other disciplines. Readers will be able to find useful information on how to improve memory, think faster, and also eat right and behave.
  9. “Supermemory. A unique program of absolute improvement of memory and brain function ", Marilu Henner, Lorin Henner. Marila is one of the twelve people on the planet with an autobiographical supernatural memory. She remembers all the events of her life, including those that occurred in early childhood. And you can improve memory and significantly improve the performance of your brain if you use interesting and fairly simple exercises.
  10. “Super Trainer for the Brain,” C. Phillips.The author of the book, many consider this a master of puzzles, and this is true.In one book, he managed to collect a lot of intellectual problems, allowing to develop the ability of the brain. First, you will solve simple puzzles, then move on to more difficult ones, and then you will practically become a genius.

Now your brain will definitely work better if, of course, you read at least one of the books listed.

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