10 flowering plants that get along nicely in the shade

Almost at every site there are places where owners plant unpretentious, shade-loving plants. But it is not at all necessary to be content with simple green leaves without flowering. Plant one of these flowering plants in the shade and enjoy the new colorful colors!

Alissum of the sea (lobularia)

In fact, all kinds of alissum feel good in the shade, but this bush has a variegated snow-white bloom. He certainly will not leave you indifferent!


Bright and colorful perennials, which we grow only two years. But they can boast of unpretentious care and colorful flowering.

Lobelia perennial

This plant has more than 300 subspecies. It is red, purple and blue. He lives in the shadows. In our latitudes used as one-year.

St. John's Wort

Besides the fact that he is not the last among medicinal plants, St. John's wort adorns the site and blooms with bright yellow flowers.

Red seahorse (epimedium)

Crimson and yellow flowers grow well in the shade of large trees. Feel free to plant them there to decorate your site.


Totally unpretentious perennial flower. He has no particular claims to the sun, or to the soil, or to watering. Wonderfully adapts to new conditions and easily reproduces.

Large-leaved hydrangea

The real pride of every gardener in love with his business. Well accustomed to the shade, loves the moist soil and caring for a skillful hand.

The hellebore (gelleborus)

Perennial herb with a large number of subspecies. Decorative flower is very appropriate decorates the shady area and does not take a lot of strength from the owners.

Astrantia (star rating)

The family is extensive, but there are not very many decorative varieties. Best of all, astrantia takes on a large shade.


Wonderful flower, which can be found in Russia. Share on spring, summer and autumn views. The most popular varieties are tender, crown, Japanese and forest anemone.

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