10 most anticipated comedies of 2017

If you love comedies, then for you there is good news: in 2017 there will be many new noteworthy films of this genre.

So, the top ten most anticipated comedies of 2017:

  1. «Bad guys 3»- one of the most anticipated premieres. Surely you have seen the previous two parts and have already managed to fall in love with the heroes, which are the permanent policemen Mike and Markus, working in the department specializing in drug trafficking. Mark is a great husband, father and family man. Mike is his complete opposite: he is a real rowdy and rake. But these two have to cooperate, because they are partners. Often disputes arise between policemen, and they solve all problems very impulsively. In the third part, the characters have matured and matured, but still get into trouble and funny situations, delighting the audience with sparkling jokes. Another case is only open, but the police chief orders him to stop. But Mark and Mike are not accustomed to surrender, and they decide to independently uncover the plan of the criminals, to catch them and neutralize them.
  2. "Young driver". The main character was practically despaired, because he could not find a job for a long time and simply traveled along the city streets, listening to his favorite music. But by chance the guy was lucky, if I may say so. He was hired as a driver by one powerful man. And all would be nothing, but the new employer is a criminal authority that increasingly draws a young driver into criminal scams, which the hero's girlfriend does not even guess. The next task of the guy is a robbery. He thinks for a long time and decides to act in his own way. But, as you know, experienced criminals do not tolerate deception and cruelly punish liars. Now the driver will have to save his “skin” and the life of his beloved, as well as remain free. And for all the funny adventures of the guy to watch the audience.
  3. "The killer's bodyguard". This film deserves attention and is already considered one of the best in 2017, if only because the cast is impressive. The main roles will be played by Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. The plot is also very unusual and funny. An elderly man, who almost all his life worked as a hitman, suddenly realized that killing people is immoral and stupid.He decided to radically change, repent, and even “surrender” one of his customers. But in order to open the case, the hero must testify in court. And for security reasons they provide him with a bodyguard - the best protection agent. But these two have long perceived each other as enemies, and now they have to not only work closely and stay together almost all the time, but also confront criminals who dream of their death.
  4. "If I were a man"- French comedy, impregnated with characteristic pleasant and light humor. In the story, the main heroine, Jeanne, is a woman disillusioned with love and men, in principle. All her life she sought to create a family, but realized that she could not find the one who could become her husband and elect. Realizing that all the representatives of the stronger sex are liars and traitors, she decides never to get involved with men. But one morning, Jeanne realizes that she ... has become a man. She is completely perplexed, but she still takes herself in hand and decides, at any cost, to return the former body. But perhaps a woman who hated the opposite sex so much, “trying on” a new role, will understand that a strong half of humanity is not so bad. Probably, Jeanne will not want to become the same again, who knows.
  5. Comedy is expected next year."Break up", which many now consider one of the most interesting. But it is not only a promising plot that pleases, but also the cast, which includes such movie and comedy stars as Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Zach Halifianakis and Kristen Wiig. The main characters are twin brothers. They all their lives believed that their father died long ago. But as it turned out, such information is nothing more than the fiction of an eccentric mom of guys who, in the dashing 70s, spent many nights with celebrities who often performed at a local club. Learning that my dad is alive, the brothers Helms and Owen decide to find him. But how to understand who exactly so "lucky". A few facts are provided by the mothers of twins, and they, using this information, are sent to search.
  6. "Fist fight"Is a film about the fact that teachers are the most ordinary people who also have their own habits, personal interests, quirks. Andy Campbell is the most common English teacher. He is humble and meek, so students almost do not obey him. The teacher tries in vain to calm them down; moreover, new problems are threatening his head, threatening him with dismissal.By chance, Andy encounters his colleague Ron. Because of a misunderstanding between the characters, a quarrel breaks out, and Ron decides to act in the old fashioned way: he calls Andy to a duel, or rather, to a fistfight. A fight is scheduled, and after class the teachers meet in the backyard of the school to decide who is right. But the fight becomes so ridiculous that even the rescuers can not hold back the laughter. But who will be the winner in the end?
  7. "Bouncer 2". Surely everyone remembers the story of hockey player Dag Glatt, who doesn’t have a good club and puck, but masterfully puts his opponents on the ice and protects his comrades from their attacks, which helps his team members win. The second part is due out in 2017, and Sean William Scott, who has become the favorite of many, is also removed. Although the hero is stupid and does not really understand the sport, but he is incredibly nice, devoted and always ready to help. That's what the team respects him for. And the guy has the talent to get into funny situations, and the audience loves it.
  8. "Something". In this comedy starred by many loved Zach Halifianakis, Seth Rogen and Bill Heyder. In the story, a group of astronauts who set off on space flight lost the opportunity to return to earth and is now forced to plow through intergalactic spaces.The heroes are pretty tired of each other and have already lost hope of returning to their homeland, but suddenly they notice another ship. The astronauts were delighted and began to prepare for the docking, but they did not think at all about what such spontaneous actions could turn out. After all, who knows what is happening on an unknown ship, which promises a meeting with other space travelers?
  9. "Table 19". Eloise was supposed to be the bridesmaid at the wedding, but she was suddenly thrown by the best man. Now the girl was freed from the duties, and she is preparing for the upcoming shame, but still decides to attend the celebration. And she is put at the table at number 19. Behind him were completely strangers with each other, but they are all considered outsiders, left behind this life. And they begin to discuss marriage from their position. Some remarks will make laugh to tears, others may become an occasion to reflect, especially for adults who have tasted the taste of family life and are fed up with it. Anyway, the comedy promises to be quite worthwhile.
  10. "Triplets". This film is also included in the list, and it is a continuation of the comedy "Twins" which was released in 1988 and has become a hit.The main characters, the roles played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Denis DeVito, remain unchanged. They found each other as adults, got used to the idea that they were brothers, and even managed to become a real family. Everything went on as usual, until one fine day they found out that there was one more mystery in their past. It turns out that Vincent and Julius have another brother, and this is radically different from them. And his role will be performed by the comedy master Eddie Murphy. Yes, yes, brother will be African American!
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