10 movies, after which you like to cook

Wday.ru chose the best pictures about food and not only, after which you will again begin to enjoy the sacred work in the kitchen.

You need to cook with pleasure. But the duty to stand at the stove tires every day, and cooking begins to seem like a heavy duty. Good movies about food - that is what will give us inspiration in the kitchen. And especially we love this movie because it is not only about food, cooking and chefs.


Photo: a shot from the film "Toast"

This is not just some fictional boy who suffers and overcomes circumstances; this is real little Nigel Slater, the future world-famous chef, who suffers from the love of his mother, who knows how to cook only one dish - butter toasts. He was ready to eat some toasts every day, if only his mother lived for a long time, but alas ... The boy is worried: his dad is cold to him, and the hired helper, vulgar Joan, winks playfully. And she is glad to try - she bakes turkeys, decorates cakes with cream curls, in a word, strenuously makes her way to the widower's heart through her stomach.

It so happened that these two women — sweet mother-wilderness and Joan with her culinary talent — and awakened in the young Slater cooking habits. And the suffering forged his fighting character.

"This is the best lemon meringue you have ever eaten!" Son, if I were you, I'd give up. You cannot even come close to such perfection, ”Joan was wrong, Nigel did not give up and surpassed her in art. And we, the audience, it was very interesting to watch this process.


Photo: a frame from the movie "Vatel"

The seventies of the XVII century, simply speaking, the time when ladies in France wore corsets, and men wigs. "Sun King" Louis XIV goes on a weekend trip to Prince Conde's castle - if the owner accepts the monarch well, then his career will go well. Condé is confused, but he has a magic wand - a unique major major Francois Vatel. A magician, a master of all trades, an ingenious cook and an effective manager. Yes, and he plays his quite young Gerard Depardieu.

The picture is spectacular, good, there is a royal scale in everything. The French court arrives to all the “camp”, with servants, pages, jesters, favorites and dogs.A huge kitchen works to feed the guests - they clean pheasants and quails, chop carcasses, bring fish to carts, bake bread, knock dozens of cooks with knives.

Tragedy is brewing in the air like a thunderstorm. And the first clouds are gathering when the court de Lozen (Tim Roth) orders Vatel for an offering for the maid of honor, which he plans to seduce: “On almond cake, fruit and flowers are in the colors of flesh and blood”.

But until the storm came, we are fascinated to see how the magician Vatel rubs bright colored caramel in her hands, in the eyes of astonished cooks forming a fruit out of it. Caramel peach rolled in icing sugar looks lively and literally glows from the inside.


food films
Photo: shot from the movie "Servant"

Despite the "doll" fashion and the interiors of America of the 60s, this is not a romantic comedy at all, but an acute social drama. The progressive North is struggling for the rights of the black population of the United States, and the relaxed South cannot get used to the fact that it’s time to get used to doing all the “black” work for white people. Well-groomed Mississippi housewives pay more attention to outfits and playing bridge than raising their own children, and treat black maids as even third-rate people.

The film leaves a pressing sediment, but is very beautiful.And the black maidservants in gray uniform dresses and white aprons are very hostile. For example, it is very exciting to watch Minnie (Octavia Spencer), the maid, teach her mistress Celia (Jessica Chastain) to fry a chicken in a crispy crust. This sad, piercing story is lavishly decorated with cream pies, delicious canapés and pink-cut baked hams. After the final credits, wiping away tears, I want to cook something beautiful, juicy and fragrant, enjoying the process of cooking and rejoicing that you are not a servant in the southern American state.

"Pinch of pepper"

food films
Photo: a frame from the movie "Pinch of Pepper"

A film enthusiast does not live in Hollywood. Greece, in collaboration with Turkey, is also able to please fans of food films.

The Greek-Turkish family is deported from Turkey to Greece. A boy named Fanis suffers from the fact that because of this whole policy, he is separated from his beloved grandfather, philosopher and culinary specialist, who knew how to live talentedly and talentedly prepare. Is it strange that his grandson became a good cook when he grew up? Observing the vicissitudes of this family, the viewer, along the way, is pleased to comprehend the subtleties of Turkish and Greek cuisine.

The film is lively, juicy, it smells like brazier smoke, Istanbul kebab, lamb kefte on live fire, olive oil and Turkish coffee.

"Princess of Spice"

food films
Photo: A shot from the movie "Spice Princess"

Indian cuisine is, in essence, spices with spices seasoned with spices. But only those who were not born in India think so. The beautiful Aishwarya Paradise in this film is in its place: a girl who can speak with spices, this is exactly what should be - a gentle, big-eyed, exotic origin.

“Saffron helps in dull evenings. He brings love into your life. Cinnamon - it brings people together ... ", - the voice of the protagonist behind the scenes fascinates the viewer. Immediately thought: it would be nice to get into such a shop and pack a few bags from different cans: turmeric, ginger, curry ... And then bring home the gifts of distant countries and cheat in the kitchen under the same Indian music as in the film.

What does this quote from the Princess of Spice cost? “Try an eggplant - scorch it over the fire, then peel from the inside, then fry by adding 10 cloves of garlic, red onion and tomatoes, and sprinkle it all with coriander. It will satisfy your passion for the evening. ”

"Anonymous Romance"

Photo: a shot from the movie "Anonymous Romance"

Someone might accuse this French comedy of excessive naivety and predictability of the plot, but it is too appetizing to make chocolate treats in it. Milk, bitter, liquid, in tiles, in the form of hearts, Easter eggs, in matte foil - chocolate is good always and everywhere.

Unlike the well-known film “Chocolate” with Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche, there are no mystics here and the heroes are painfully awkward - two introvert-social-phobic people, who have hardly overcome the need to go out into the real world. This is a light fairy tale with a happy ending that you can afford one evening under a slice of chocolate cake with a cup of tea.

"Sushi girl"

food films
Photo: a frame from the movie "Sushi girl"

American Abby (Brittany Murphy), suffering after a break with her boyfriend in Tokyo, asks chef Maedzumi to teach her to cook ramen soup. He first snorts, then agrees, but makes tough hazing. At first it may seem: is it a lot of noise because of some noodles? Then you understand: the Japanese cook doesn’t just hide a certain “secret ingredient of a secret and ingredient soup”, he wants the student to become a mature person, bring up a solid character and learn to live consciously.

If your broth is “not enough soul” - refer to the wisdom of the older generation.

"Taste of life"

Photo: a frame from the movie "Taste of Life"

If you watch a lot of movies about food and cooks, notice the pattern: a brilliant cook is always a little crazy. Well, let's say, unbalanced and very ambitious, as a theatrical prima donna. For example, restaurant chef Keith Armstrong performed by Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie “Taste of Life” reacts sharply and painfully to any comments about her cooking. Even at a psychologist's reception, where she was sent for being rude to a client, she, as programmed, reasons how best to cook a quail — fry and serve with ravioli in truffle sauce with wild mushrooms.

She is hired as an assistant to the cheerful and sexy chef Nick, who cooks like dancing. The confrontation of two cooks begins: Kate is dry and fanatical, measures out every degree in the heating of the oven, Nick is an artist, a maestro, cooks to the sounds of Italian opera. But gradually the ice is melting between them, and melodrama.

And look: they are already hugging and cooing:

"- But I do not eat cake ...

“But not my tiramisu!”

I would also like to arrange a romantic dinner, and that someone also fed you cake with a spoon.

"Spices and Passions"

Photo: a shot from the movie "Spices and Passions"

It is very difficult to maintain peace of mind when you are a brilliant restaurateur in the best French traditions and you are fighting for another Michelin star, and then suddenly immigrants settle near your high school establishment. Too dark, too noisy, too Hindus, if that is possible. And also open a catering establishment!

After the struggle of traditions and some misunderstanding at the beginning, everyone eventually became an over-love and became one family. And all this with incredibly beautiful Indian music.

After this film, you can’t decide: whether you want this moment to stew beef in Burgundy in red wine, or wipe at something from Mumbai cuisine, bright yellow from turmeric.

"Julie and Julia: Prepare happiness with a recipe"

food films
Photo: a shot from the movie "Julie and Julia: Preparing Happiness with a Prescription"

By the way, did you know that if you do not dry the meat after washing, it will not redden properly? So, the ambassador’s wife, the loud American Julia Child, didn’t know about it either, until she learned this knowledge in a Parisian cooking school.She spent hours shreding raw onions and shedding tears to achieve knife dexterity, and it was not for nothing: Julia became a real chef, published a cooking book, became famous, and then based on her memoirs, she shot this film. For with such energy and charm it is impossible not to conquer the world.

Meryl Streep in the role of Julia Child in this film - the beauty in its purest form. And hats-curls-red lipstick-gloves-strings of pearls in the scenes of 1940−1950 - also lovely. And all the cooking scenes are beautiful again!

If you are tired and cook, and just live - make time for this film.

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