10 of the dirtiest objects in the house

Means for washing and cleaning

Sponges, brushes and rags, which are directly involved in cleaning surfaces, turned out to be the most dangerous carriers of bacteria. After all, it is they who, participating in washing and cleansing, carry dirt onto their surface. Care of them is the most superficial. To protect yourself, daily sterilize the sponge. To do this, thoroughly soak it and put it in the included microwave for a minute. Rags and oven gloves should be washed regularly at high temperatures.

If cleaning of carpets, washing blankets and bedspreads is done regularly, about plush inhabitants of apartments, usually safely forgotten. But from the fleecy surface collects a lot of dust. Therefore, do not forget to wash and vacuum toys, especially those that are in the nursery.

Towels and shower curtain

The inconspicuous details of comfort and interior bring their owner more harm than good. Constantly being in a humid environment, they develop a favorable environment for the reproduction of bacteria.Change the shower curtain once a month, and keep the towels in a special cabinet, protecting it from excess moisture.


Another thing that suffers from your own bacteria and high humidity. By daily absorbing the bacteria in your mouth, the brushes are usually not washed as thoroughly as necessary. In addition, in the combined bathrooms, bacteria spread from the toilet bowl with each flushing. Once a week, thoroughly rinse the brush and cup in which it stands. And try to keep the toilet with the lid closed.


Unlike a toilet bowl and a bathroom, the kitchen sink does not wash so carefully. But microparticles of food multiply very quickly. Therefore, make a habit of daily disinfecting it with special means.


Such inconspicuous details of the component of comfort, such as a telephone, intercom, remote control or mouse for a computer, remain unnoticed by the housewives and collect a huge number of microbes on themselves. People grab these items rather reflexively, without worrying about the purity of their hands or the presence of some chemicals on them.Wipe the devices with a sponge moistened with a disinfectant solution or an alcohol wipe every 3-4 days. And to clean the keyboard, use a hairdryer.

Large home appliances

The refrigerator, and along with it, such guardians of cleanliness, like washing machines and dishwashers, retain on their surface many harmful substances. The reason for this is a moist environment and rubber seals that remain without maintenance.

A bag

Your bag is usually cleaned outside. And inside it is usually so little order, so it’s not worth talking about sterility. Pollution in women's accessories accumulate very quickly. You constantly take out cosmetics, a purse, a business card, keys from it, and often in public transport or a shop. Then objects infected with bacteria are sent back and begin to spoil your life.

Cutting board

After research by American scientists, it turned out that it was more dangerous to use non-disinfected boards than to cut food on the toilet lid. Literally, wooden assistants collect more than 200 types of bacteria on their surface. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to have a set of boards in its arsenal, each of which is designed for special products.

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