10 phrases, after which the woman will run away from you

"Would you like to go to the gym?"

Maybe worth it. And maybe like. But definitely not in order to satisfy your rude and boorish claims.

10 phrases, after which the woman will run away from you

"And my mother thinks ..."

Mom thinks you have not got out of her skirt yet. And, surprise, she's right! You're too young for sex, buddy, it's time for the pot.

“You first feed a man, in a bathhouse, and then ask for help”

Reasonable. I remember an example from folklore, where a woman did just that. Her name was Baba Yaga. She then devoured this young man, only the bones remained. Perhaps I will take it into service.

"My ex understood so well."

Good luck to you! And what are you doing with me? Maybe she sent you? Maybe you still suffer from it? Or maybe you're just a moron, just decided to share with me such valuable experiences of his soul? I feel sorry for you, of course, in Babski. But pity and sex are incompatible.

“What is the date we have on the bill?”

Well, look in your notebook with the calculations. How much did you spend on my coffee, is it also recorded there? You think, it means that you check the course. On this date, I have to, or is it still acceptable to suffer a day?

10 phrases, after which the woman will run away from you

“Never wear tights / ballet shoes / jeans / down jacket with me - this is nonsexual!”

Naturally, for the sake of such a beautiful man, I am ready to wear heels in stockings and an exciting silk robe. Which you buy me. As well as a fur coat and voo-oh-he that machine. Reds. You understand that on your favorite hairpin, I'm not going down the metro? Well done.

“Breakfast, mind you!”

Have you decided everything, dear? I love powerful men. You already know in advance how I will like it with you and with you, I am sure that I will be happy to stay the night and take care of you in the morning! And then, as you probably also know, we will go after my mom, and you will take her to the dacha in your car. And help dig up the beds. And on the way back - to "Auchan", to buy deliciousness for our new family.

"Come to visit! The address is so-so, from the metro walk you will reach or a couple of stops on the minibus "

And what, really, just some a couple of stops on the bus. Not Zelenograd, I'll come, I will not collapse to make you happy, darling. Meet? Taxi? First dinner? No, not heard. At the exact address by a specific time you will certainly be visited by a special lady.Her phone number and prices are in the magazine "Flirt."

10 phrases, after which the woman will run away from you

"You just never tried this stallion"

No, I have not tried. I'm not a pervert, but I will not give you just in case. Such self-praying scares: what if you are disappointed? What if the fake stallion? Or worse: the truth is real. Stallion pervert. No, we don’t need horses.

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