10 Useful Makeup Tips

Almost every woman of the fair sex uses makeup daily. Some of them do not leave without make-up even for bread, others, on the contrary, consider it a waste of time to apply cosmetics for a long time. But from time to time, most girls and women resort to decorative make-up.

We offer you a cheat sheet of ten useful tips that will be useful even to those who prefer and do not paint at all.

Use concealer correctly.

Use eyelash curlers and soft eyeliner pencil: draw a straight line along the upper metal bar, then use forceps as if pressing them into the fold of the eyelid for about 30 seconds - voila, the ciliary contour is ready!

If you do not have time for a full-fledged make-up, only made-up eyebrows can already greatly change the appearance.

15 seconds under the lighter will make any, even the oldest and cheapest pencil, super saturated.

Use a credit card to make a straight line for the cat-like look arrow.

A cotton swab and foundation will help save the smeared arrows.

Want to get rid of bags under the eyes? Keep your cream in the fridge.

Use a credit card for smooth and clean application of mascara on eyelashes.

Use a light pencil to give your eyes freshness and vitality.

For a more saturated color of the shadows, apply a light eyeliner under them.

To conceal insomnia, use concealer around your eyes.

Use a light pencil to give your lips volume.

Never forget that makeup should be appropriate and emphasize your worth. The main task of makeup, which is often forgotten by all girls and women, that it should not be too bright and challenging. We wish you always look great.

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