11 options for snacks from thin pita. Its not only to eat, but also to cook a pleasure

Lavash appetizers are suitable for both the usual meal and the festive table, because it is not difficult to make them, the cost is minimal, and the taste is real bliss.

Tasty toppings for pita:

  1. Fry 1 onion and add 1 boiled egg, 2 boiled carrots, 2 processed cheese, greens and 1 tbsp of mayonnaise.
  2. Mix cottage cheese (200 gr.) With chopped dill and garlic. Add 1 tbsp of mayonnaise and mix.
  3. Mix cottage cheese (200 gr), grated cheese (20 gr), garlic clove, greens (parsley and dill) and 1 tbsp of mayonnaise.
  4. Grate fresh carrot (1 piece) and cucumbers (2 pieces). Add tomatoes (2 pieces), eggs (2 pieces), a clove of garlic, walnuts (chopped), chopped greens (parsley and dill) and a spoon of mayonnaise.
  5. Finely chop the salted herring fillet (300 g) and add chopped greens (parsley and dill), chopped boiled eggs (3 pcs.) And grated carrots (2 pcs.). Add 1 tbsp. spoon of mayonnaise.
  6. Take the ham (200 gr) and cut into cubes.Add grated cheese (100 g), chopped garlic clove, dill and a spoon of mayonnaise.
  7. Grate the ham (200 gr) and cheese (100 gr). Add Korean carrots (100 g), chopped dill and a spoonful of mayonnaise.
  8. Dice pickled cucumbers (3 pcs), Bulgarian pepper (1 pc) and onions (2 pcs). Finely chop fried or smoked chicken (300 g), 2 tomatoes and add 1 tbsp of mayonnaise.
  9. Crush a package of crab sticks, chop the herbs (parsley and dill). Add some garlic, mayonnaise and 100 grams of grated cheese.
  10. Mix grated cheese (100 g), roasted minced meat (200 g), chopped garlic, a jar of white beans, sliced ​​paprika and a spoon of mayonnaise.
  11. Grate the grated cheese (100 g), add the herbs (cilantro, dill, parsley) and a spoonful of mayonnaise.
  12. Mash canned fish, add grated cheese (200 g), chopped dill and a spoon of mayonnaise.
  13. Take Adygei cheese (200 gr) and mash it with your hands. Add the Korean carrot (100 g), chopped parsley and a spoonful of mayonnaise.

Bon Appetit!

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