12 books that you read without interruption to sleep

Daniel Keese, "Flowers for Algernon"
A science fiction story about a mentally backward cleaner, Charlie, who became a "laboratory rat" in an experiment to increase intelligence - an experiment that at first seemed brilliant. Charlie's meager intellect first develops rapidly, turning him into a genius - and then begins to steadily die. And the whole story is told in the first person, in real time: the seven months of diary entries reflect both the rise and fall of Charlie.
Arthur Haley, Airport
The recognized virtuoso of “production drama” describes a single evening from the life of the airport - an evening that may be the last for many heroes. Difficult weather conditions, hard work behind the scenes of the airport, personal and industrial troubles are woven into one knot, and the feeling of the approaching tragedy keeps in suspense until the last pages.
Joanne Harris, "Five Quarter Orange"
The beginning of this story reminds of “Puss in Boots”: the mother of three children, after her death, bequeathed her son to the farm, her elder sister - the wine cellar, and only the culinary book made up by the deceased - and the truffle in a jar of olive oil became the legacy of the younger, favorite of Framboise. And now the heroine is trying to “read between the lines” ... The book, which the English writer dedicated to her grandfather, tells about the era of the Second World War, about growing up, family secrets - and does it excitingly and temperamentally.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Love during the Plague”
The book (published in Russia also under the title “Love in the Time of Cholera”) is called the most optimistic and most poetic novel of the famous writer. This is a love story conquering everything that comes its way. Magic, romance, mysticism, exotic - all this accompanies the life of a beautiful woman who married a scientist, making the book incredibly fascinating.
Anna Borisova, "Vremena goda"
Love and doom, history and mysticism, life and death, a cool "twisted" plot - all this is intertwined in a novel written by Boris Akunin as part of his "female" project under the name of Anna Borisova.The elite nursing home in France is becoming a place where a girl marked by the disease and a paralyzed old woman can “exchange souls”, where they can gain inner strength and find a path leading to happiness.
Sébastien Japrizo, "The Lady with Glasses and a Gun in the Car"
The main heroine of the French bestseller, charming blonde Dann Logneau, is caught up in a strange and frightening intrigue. She is forced to hide from the police, she tries to convince others that she is in her right mind, she is left without money ... And to get out of this situation, she has to take on the role of a detective.
Guy de Maupassant, "Dear Friend"
Georges Duroy is a former soldier who has almost no virtues. Except for one thing - to conquer the hearts of beautiful ladies. That, combined with complete unscrupulousness and an adventurous vein, opens up brilliant perspectives for the hero: women help him make a career in journalism, bring wealth and title ... It’s impossible to break away from the story of a “dear friend” - one of the best French writers of the late XIX century "Holds" the reader.
Alan Alexander Milne, “Two”
The novel, written by the author of the famous "Winnie the Pooh" is considered one of the gems of English humorous prose. The unremarkable middle-aged landowner who wrote the book suddenly becomes a fashionable writer - and this plunges him into the maelstrom of the capital's bohemian life. And with each new day his life, as well as the life of his completely “unglamorous” spouse Sylvia, more and more resembles a “comedy of mistakes.”
Winston Groom, Forrest Gump
The book is no less fascinating than the most famous film, shot on it - while it is much more ironic and touching. The story of the American “Ivanushka the Fool”, by the will of coincidence (sometimes completely fantastic), who became a witness and even a participant in many of the country's most important historical parts of the second half of the 20th century, told by himself, is read in one breath.
Janusz Wisniewski, “Loneliness in the network”
This sensational book is called one of the most piercing love stories of the last decades. Internet acquaintance of heroes develops into virtual love, dating in chat rooms become a pretext for erotic fantasies and deep feelings.And the main test that awaits the heroes is, of course, the meeting “in real”, which will occur in Paris, the city of lovers.
Diana Setterfield "Thirteenth Tale"
The debut novel of the British teacher in 2006 created a furor, instantly becoming the world's bestseller number one. Gothic detective novel with a famously twisted plot, elegant literary game, filled with secrets, mysticism, family "skeletons in the closets", love stories, brought the writer the glory of "new Charlotte Bronte" and fascinated billions of readers.
John Fowles, The Collector
One of the most famous novels of Fowles, frightening and addictive at the same time. A seemingly ordinary clerk, a collector of butterflies, having won a large sum at the races, kidnaps a girl he likes and turns her into the “most expensive” exhibit of his collection. Sharpening the girl in the basement of his house, he does not lose hope that she will eventually love him - not knowing what terrible things he does, guided by his love.

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