15 funny photos proving that the “collective farm” is indestructible

  • Anonymous

    it's ok

  • https://vk.com/id238062313Just me .

    Shampusik with sunflower seeds in general norms ... What they want and bite ...

  • Usachev

    Everyone lives as he wants and he does not care about your decency.

  • Guest from the future

    Nothing terrible. Everything is within normal limits, just everyone is comfortable in their own way.

  • Anonymous

    wsö normul

  • Anonymous

    Nothing of the kind, but what do you feed on this collective farm? When people drive in the fields, and you eat all this and no matter how you get drunk,… .and these people, after work, are no longer fashionable, if only it was warm and cozy), so the creatures are urban, remember who feeds you !! !

    • Anonymous

      Do you remember who wears you, shoes you and other things ... other ... Why so rude?

    • Anonymous

      Gold words !!! Moreover, the village was signed, and the pictures are then urban. It turns out that this is not such a city, but a city

    • Anonymous

      and you are a decent creature for this money

  • Anonymous

    And there is

  • Anonymous

    On the farm this is not to see.This is urban fashion.

  • Tatyana B.

    And what's wrong, that people at least did something useful: they themselves grew potatoes in the country house.

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