15 books that every person should read


The famous Russian magazine conducted research and compiled a list of books that are as close as possible to the Russians.

The full list includes more than 100 items, but we offer 15 books from this category that every person should read.

The editors of the magazine claim that the heroes of each work are carriers of Russian culture and its identity.

List of books that every Russian should read

We offer 15 books that everyone should read. These books raise eternal themes that concern the minds of more than one generation.

1.Bulgakov M. "Master and Margarita".The novel combines two countries, two cultures and two eras. It is intertwined with fantasy ideas along with historical reality and romance. It reveals in detail the struggle between good and evil.

The interaction and influence of the devil and divine power on man is shown. Together with science fiction Bulgakov masterfully connected the reality of the Moscow life of that era.Moreover, historical scenes are described on the basis of literary sources.

2. Pushkin A. "Eugene Onegin".The work for the first time reveals to the Russian person the important problems of that reality. It is relevant for our modern times. Reading a work you, as in a mirror, you will see your friends, street or city.

Belinsky called "Eugene Onegin" the best encyclopedia of the Russian way of life. It covers deep topics and is clearly conveyed with the help of pen and paper. It shows what a romance should be, what Russian love and true feelings can be.

15 books that every person should read

3. Dostoevsky F. “Crime and Punishment". The novel presents issues of virtue and human morality. It opens the person's attitude to these qualities and considers the right of the main character to kill his own neighbor.

Even with such a difficult character. Using the example of Raskolnikov, the author shows that no goals and ideas can become a reason for ending a person’s life.

4. Tolstoy L. "War and Peace."This is a masterpiece of Russian literature, where the whole encyclopedia of human characters is collected. The novel against the background of a change of epochs and stunning events opens the notion of a real person.In it, the people are portrayed not as separate social strata, but as a unified mass, which the grief united in a single striving and unified values.

In each volume can be traced folk thought, which lives not only in the military episode, but also in peaceful life.

5. De Saint-Exupery A. “The Little Prince”.The author tells how important it is to keep the child clean and naive. It shows human value and teaches to respect the individual perception of the world.

6.Lermontov M. “Hero of Our Time". The sonorous title of the work fits well with modern reality. Like 200 years ago, in our society, the issues of the personality, belief in divine powers are raised.

It will not leave anyone indifferent because it describes the problems that are in tune with each soul - the meaning of passion, love, the destiny of the fate of each person. For two centuries this work is considered a classic of Russian literature.

7. Gabriel Garcia Marquez "One Hundred Years of Solitude."You should read this book only when you feel ready for it. The book tells about people who are pursued by loneliness in life.

And it is possible to learn this from the description of the events of what is happening. A strong and rich family in the pages of the story is flourishing, but at the same time, each one is a lonely person. The book describes various methods of struggle. Some are passionately engaged in favorite work, the second become hermits, and others choose war instead of a peaceful life.

15 books that every person should read

In today's world, many people feel lonely, despite the possibility of social intercourse, and a large number of others. How to find understanding and recognition of others and as a result get rid of oppressive feelings? The answer is revealed in the pages of the book.

8. Rawling D. "Harry Potter".The author takes the reader to the fantasy world, where, as in reality, good fights against evil, friendship is tested in different situations. Heroes learn to grow up, learn to direct magic for the benefit of others.

9. Gogol N. “Dead Souls”.The book reveals to the reader the Russian character with its originality. Against the backdrop of the beautiful Russian nature, the picturesque villages, the author describes the greed and the desire of the landlords to profit, their arbitrariness and the powerlessness of the peasants.At the same time, there is hope in the work for a bright future, because in the second volume Chichikov had to be morally cleansed.

Gogol picturesquely and clearly reflected the reality and showed a true picture of the life of the Russian hinterland of the second half of the 19th century.

10. Tolstoy L. “Anna Karenina”.Bright novel about unhappy love. A married woman has strong feelings for a young officer and from this decides to commit suicide. This was for her the only way out when she became an outcast in society, when she was condemned by people who once wanted communion and patronage.

The novel tells about her husband's unrequited love, which only after Anna's death realized how much she was dear to him. It raises questions of morality, responsibility, and loyalty. At first glance, a banal story is described, but just start reading and you will discover a mass of emotions and feelings.

11. Wilde O. "Portrait of Dorian Gray."The work was one of the greatest, which were written over the past 150 years. Initially, the novel was tried to be banned, the author was blamed for “obscene scenes.”

15 books that every person should read

Indeed, in his work an innocent and beautiful young man becomes a monster.Dorian is influenced by Lord Henry, who preaches hedonistic ideas and spreads cynical aphorisms.

12. Griboedov A. “Woe from Wit”.Comedy, written in verse. Thanks to him, the writer has become a famous classic of Russian literature. In it, Griboyedov mocks the aristocrats of Moscow society, who lived in the first half of the 19th century. Since the author used the aphoristic style, the sentences went to quotations.

13.Turgenev I. "Fathers and sons".The theme of the novel is relevant and understandable to each generation. On the one hand, parents and children are in conflict in it, and on the other, liberals and democrats. These are two socio-political forces that operated in Russia in the 1860s.

In parallel with the relationship between generations, the friction between young people of the same age is shown. They are trying to defend their own point of view, demeanor, their own habits and actions.

14.Remark E.M. "Three Comrades."Find out what a true friendship is that even love will not destroy. This is a story about the lives of ordinary people who survived the war and in peacetime supported each other.The love of one does not destroy, but only expands the circle of friendship. The book shows the bitterness of war and the romance of peaceful life, the ability to make friends and love.

15. Mitchell M. "Gone With the Wind."The novel, which raised questions of love and marriage, betrayal and loyalty to his own country, about the beauty and cruelty of life. This is one of the books that will live forever. Having read it once, you invariably come back to experience the joy of meeting and the bitterness of loss with the heroes.

These books will help you to know the world around us, to know what are the relationships between people.

They are written in simple language, so they are easy to read. They raise eternal themes that are relevant at any time. The authors do not overload them with abstruse speeches and philosophical digressions, so they are interesting to read at any time and at any age.

Books for self-development

If you decide to develop your own creative, mental, conversational skills or to train willpower, the next 15 books are compulsory for reading.

1. Chaldini R. "Psychology of influence."The book clearly presents the basic principles by which you can influence others. The book does not have abstruse theories and speeches.There are only real tips that tell you step by step how to achieve what you want from other people.

Special attention is paid to the principle of contrasts and when to give to get a lot more. It describes how people's opinions affect their own decisions. The book is especially useful to people whose profession is associated with daily communication. If you:

marketer - the book will help increase sales;
manager - manage;
teacher - to teach.

2.Gal N. "The Word is alive and dead."The writer has translated the correct Russian “Little Prince”. In her own work, the writer reveals the secret of the Russian language and shows what it should be: without verbal, clerical terms and the accumulation of nouns.

15 books that every person should read


She says how she explains in a fair and reasonable way why you should act only in accordance with them. She instills a competent attitude to the native language, without which its own development is impossible.

3.Kovi S. "7 skills of highly effective people."He shares tips and a ready-made system that helps to prioritize his own life. In this case, Stephen is far from imposing stereotypes.He offers everyone to decide according to their needs. The book will be an excellent help to anyone who wants to reach the thresholds set.

4.Collins D. "From good to great."The theme is the proper construction of a business based on a system based on existing examples of existing companies. The book helps evaluate the development of someone else's business in order to make a decision for themselves.

It is wrong to follow all the author's advice, but knowing how well-known brands started and developed business is instructive.

5.Mikalko M. “Rice Storm”.The book helps to assess the situation outside the box. This is said so much that the very phrase "non-standard thinking" has become commonplace. The author helps to get rid of templates using a special technique.

Read riddles, complete training tasks and puzzles, and you can see two surfaces of the same coin and even its edge. The book helps individuals to decide and think non-standard solutions.

6. Kemp D. “First say, no.”The book is useful for people who earn that they know how to negotiate. It opens the secrets of why you can not always live on the principle of "win and win," and you should be able to refuse. The book teaches to negotiate with the best advantage in any situation.

15 books that every person should read

7.Reting X.“To write professionally”- show writing techniques and everything connected with this craft. The book will help dissatisfied with its own result, even a tremendously done work.

8. Brothers Heath C. and D. in the book "The Trap of Thinking"tell why people set goals and do not fulfill them in accordance with their own thoughts. They talk about common traps and help find a way out. After reading the book, you will learn to accept any choice and not regret it.

9. Rand A. “Atlas Shrugged”.Some advise you to view it along with a notebook to take notes on your favorite ideas. Others note that after acquaintance the worldview changed: a person rethinks what is happening and looks at the whole picture. The trilogy talks about the importance of each decision.

Curry M. in the book "The mode of genius" combined records from memoirs, letters and diaries of famous personalities: Beethoven, Tolstoy, Kafka.

Learn to build your own schedule, which will allow you to concentrate your thoughts on an important matter.

11. Breedermeier K. in the book "Black Rhetoric"reveals the secrets of proper dialogue at any level.Guided by it, you can "crush" your opponent, regardless of his social level and status. This can be one of the board of directors or a courier who brought a pizza.

12.J.M. "Important years."How not to miss the moment and rise to achieve in life the maximum? When should you make plans and start implementation? This book will tell Jay Meg.

15 books that every person should read

13.Kloen O. “Steal as an artist”.Famous writers and artists created new things, based on what they saw in others. They watched, read, and let work through themselves. As a result, they issued such copies in which it was impossible to find out the source. Learn to take ideas and create your own solution from them.

14. Sher B. "Dreaming is not harmful."How to make a dream come true? How to use your own talents and forces to translate ideas? About this in the book is written in detail.

15. Makgonigal K. "How to develop and strengthen the power of the will."The name of the book reveals its promise. It helps activate hidden reserves and fully focus on work. It contains secrets that will help strengthen your will power through exercise. Learn to rest and sleep correctly to achieve results.

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