5 down jackets and jackets from Russian designers for a real winter

Bulk jackets in the collections of Russian designers - a rare phenomenon, but apt. We reveal passwords and appearances.

Blanket coat

The desire to wrap more comfortably in a blanket is a painfully familiar sensation in winter. In the Tom Ash collection, they certainly used this banal reference, but the result was bright and attractive. Inflated coat-blankets - an ode to lazy mood in the next three months, and juicy shades - a good dose of vitamins. Alluring two-tone models remained from last year’s collection - no one has yet canceled color blocking, even in winter.

Tom Ash Coat

Tom Ash blanket coat (20 100 rub.)

Blown jacket

St. Petersburg brand Novaya down jackets considers its main trump card. Still: with the delicate weather in St. Petersburg, it cannot be otherwise. Jackets brand surprisingly light and warm, they can be washed in a typewriter without special care. Enviable practicality does not at all suggest similarities with tourist clothes: all models, even in sporty style, look neat,elegant and very modern. This can be worn even with a strict suit or dress. Our favorite is the red jacket under the name "Giselle" with cute knitted cuffs and a cozy voluminous hood.

Novaya jacket

Novaya jacket (17 000 rub.)

Extended Bomb

If you want to go to the beat of the current eightieth, then it is easy to embody along with the Elmira Markes. The thing is, of course, very extravagant - in the crowd you will definitely not get lost and you will noticeably contrast with the snow. A Russian designer with Spanish roots, whose name the brand is named, received his first portion of fame after a collaboration with the Masterpeace brand. Elmira Markes recognizable handwriting - decoration, decoration and all sorts of embroidery and painting, which can be easily seen in the summer collections. Well, in the winter versions it is a noticeable and bold outerwear. Do not be bored!

Bomberber Elmira Markes

Bomber Elmira Markes (30 860 rubles at 20% discount)

Down jacket

The most delicate volumetric jacket in the Cyrille Gassiline collection will definitely appeal to romantic natures. The color very well smoothes the massive cut - you seem to be in trends, but follow them carefully and discreetly. This double-breasted model can really be worn with anything, without looking like a victim of fashion.For example, suede over the boots and blue jeans are suitable - a very suitable uniform for the winter season.

Cyrille Gassilin Down Jacket

Cyrille Gassiline Down Jacket (19 800 rub.)

Winter coat

The Mayamoda coat in an unexpectedly pleasant combination of pink and blue is perfectly down to minus ten degrees. Of course, this mix of colors is not the most versatile option, but it will dilute the seasonal black and gray wardrobe and set you apart from the crowd. The Mayamoda brand is distinguished by too correct feminine silhouettes, but in the case of this coat somehow everything turned out very well: the look, the cut, and the length. The latter is a real bonus for those who wear short skirts all year round.

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