5 real ways to overcome the winter depression

Why is winter so sad to live

Our body is light dependent. Yes, it did not seem to you: on sunny days you really feel better. This is due to the production of serotonin - an important molecule-manager of our brain, which helps not to plunge into pessimism and participates in managing sleep. Thanks to serotonin-father, we manage to keep the socially acceptable level of misanthropy and not to fall into the final sociopathy. It is serotonin that helps to see among the series of unpleasant rye on the subway in the morning that lovely girl won, leads her to hope for a spring coming and a salary increase, as well as rejoice at every little thing like a squirrel jumping on trees in the park next to work.

Serotonin is a chemical precursor of melatonin. This substance provides the usual order of things: daytime wakefulness and sleep at night. The retina of the eye sends signals to the brain that the light day has ended - here melatonin comes on the stage.It is produced while it is dark, and provides a deep and refreshing sleep. As soon as the first morning rays hit the retina, the melatonin concentration begins to decrease, and we wake up.

To wake up is as easy and fun as the disgustingly joyful characters in advertising cookies and yogurt for breakfast (because in reality, the awakening of the average person is more like a zombie trip), you need to get enough sunlight on the retina.

And with this winter in the middle lane is just a problem. Therefore, the brain begins to be confused when the day comes, and what to count at night. Toward the end of November, we have to exist in permanent twilight: we wake up in the dark, in a dull gray Khmary we go to work, and by lunchtime we look out the window and realize that it was again twilight and it was unclear whether it was light today. From this existence, the production of serotonin and melatonin begins to slip. And this affects the mood and well-being is not the best way.

5 real ways to overcome the winter depression

The good news: we, the harsh Russians, are not badly adapted to this reality. We have not only our own path, but also a special neurotransmitter exchange.

Although the average Russian’s mood is not particularly high (remember the hopelessness and sadness of facial expressions in the mornings on the subway), and the Slav thinks that his mental resource is used for unreasonable smiles as insanely wasteful

Only those who initially had problems with serotonin production and have a predisposition to depression, the lack of sun can lead to depressive symptoms. The rest can easily cope without pills and psychotherapy and improve their mood, and at the same time - overall health.


I want to sleep in the winter all the time. As we remember, this is the result of the brain being confused about the time of day. Therefore, you need to help him and call for help other mechanisms that are responsible for falling asleep. Somnologists recommend creating a ritual from going to bed that will quickly become a habit. So conditioned reflexes will be our allies.

5 real ways to overcome the winter depression

For this you need to fall asleep in a well-ventilated room. Take care that the windows are tightly closed. It is advisable to fall asleep before 23:00, because it is after midnight that melatonin production reaches its peak.Therefore, a deep sleep from 23:00 to 1:00 is a prerequisite in order to wake up sufficiently vigorous and rested.

The advice of our grandmothers to drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep is also not without sense. Milk contains a lot of tryptophan - an essential amino acid from which serotonin and melatonin are formed. Here, somnologists completely support grandmothers: milk, a piece of chocolate, a cheese sandwich - all this is food that will give us blessed sleepiness and help you to doze off as quickly as possible. Just do not destroy all of the above in industrial quantities: overeating is not the best way affects the quality of sleep.

Go in for sports

A friend complains in instagram: she loves jogging in the morning, but for some reason, the runner's euphoria each time turns into a cold infection, knocking her out of the HLS lines for a week, or even more. While beauties from instagram have time to go to the rink 10 times, 7 times to the rocking chair and 5 times to run at minus 30 - and all in one week.

The reality is this: most people limit their physical activity with drunken dances at the New Year corporate party and daily walk to the cafeteria, which is located 50 meters from the office.And then they suddenly decide: “O sport, you are life!” - and they start creating insanity

Therefore, it is quite logical that for them an epic run of –30 will end with pneumonia, and not surprising records. There are far fewer masters of sports in real life than there are no more boasters on Instagram. Therefore, first, it is better to assess your capabilities in a healthy way. And if shortness of breath occurs already on the second floor when climbing the stairs, it is still not worth starting your journey to health with swimming in the ice hole.

5 real ways to overcome the winter depression

Baptism, by the way, always leads the number of strokes. This holiday is fiercely hailed by neurologists on duty at the vascular centers. People with cardiovascular risk factors unadapted to ice water joyfully rush towards their fate into an ice-hole. And then - resuscitation, disability or the pathologist's table. Who as lucky.

Winter is skiing, skating, snowboarding and a dozen more different types of interesting and useful activity. It's time to try a winter sport and find something suitable for yourself. Regular 30-minute physical activity improves blood circulation throughout the body and increases the body's defenses.Unlike the vaunted yogurt "for immunity," sport really improves the body's resistance to infections. And at the same time and the mood. Provided a gradual and amicable familiarity with physical activity.

Look for the sun

Fly for a few weeks to the sea and the sun or go to the solarium - all means are good here. Oncologists will not agree with this point of view: they will begin to stubbornly mumble about carcinogenesis and increasing the risks of melanoma. However, it makes sense to look for a reasonable compromise. Three minutes of artificial sun several times a week in total with good sunscreen products can not be called a serious risk factor for cancer. But they will help the production of vitamin D and will establish the formation of melatonin. And it will be much easier to live.

Take care of your comfort

In winter, the weather makes us uncomfortable. It is cold and wet feet during the thaw. You have to get up in pitch darkness. Then dig up the car and persuade her to start. Because of the central heating, the skin dries and flakes and the hair is electrified. You need to dress on the principle of "cabbage".These are annoying little things that together can turn the cutest person into a finished misanthrope.

The number of patients with depression at the reception of a neurologist in the winter does not increase. But neurasthenics, which are pricked by a prickly sweater, or the need to wear warm socks, when used to walking barefoot, or the inability to sleep properly due to the fact that the skin is flaky and it itches from the frost, come in droves. If you are among the people with high sensitivity, you should accept this fact, and not fight with it. And consistently change your life so that you feel comfortable.


That is why in the winter you need to be yourself especially caring mother. Instead of a new series of your favorite series go to bed early. For breakfast, eat what you want, and not something that is enough time. Buy good thermal underwear. Do not wear synthetics. From such trifles you can build yourself a decent quality of life and even fall in love with the winter - for a cozy warm scarf, an evening walk through the creaking snow and the opportunity to drink hot tea as much as you like without sweating like a shy teenager in a disco.

Forget about detox

Among supporters of healthy lifestyles, vegetarians and yoga lovers there is a perception that in winter, life is difficult only for those whose body is packed with slags, mucus and toxins. A pure soul and body man didn’t want to spit on the climatic whims and know that he is doing suring namaskar in a snowdrift and in his underpants, beaming with a nimbus and rustling his wings. From here, the fascinating marathons “7 days for a smoothie” or “Sudden raw foods for cleansing the lower chakras” arise.

5 real ways to overcome the winter depression

Such raw foodists successfully lose a few kilograms, but they acquire a very recognizable, sallow skin tone in combination with its wrinkles and sagging. And also thermoregulation flies away from them - they start to freeze wildly even in three sweaters and a fur coat. In winter, it is no coincidence that you want fat and hot food: the body begins to spend more energy on existence in the cold. The nervous system does not lag behind: every neuron needs fat for normal operation and transmission of nerve impulses to its fellows, as well as carbohydrates, including simple ones. There are, of course, those who feel on a vegetarian diet is quite satisfactory. But if you subscribe to Smoothie Challenge, and the body desperately asks for bacon and salted cucumber, you should listen to yourself. This is what your neurons say. They need fat.Do not refuse them, otherwise they will take revenge by lowering mood, attention and memory deterioration.

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