7 sq. M. meters fiction: the unusual interior of a small apartment

In one tiny apartment in Rome with an area of ​​only 7 square meters inside there is a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. Do not believe? Well, then we invite you to take a walk through the “mansion” of the Italian mini-housing and see it for yourself.

The house is located near St. Peter's Square. Its peculiarity lies in the high ceilings - perhaps that is why the owners managed to reconstruct the room in a normal apartment. By the way, the owner of the mini-apartment is Marco Pierazzi. He works as an architect. It's no wonder that he managed to transform the tiny room into a full-fledged housing for a newly-made family of two. Here is the entrance:

Climbing up this compact staircase, you will get to the "second" floor - the mezzanine, where the bedroom is located. Actually, everything you need is already there - it is a spacious bed, a TV and shelves for small items.

In order to make the most efficient use of the available small space, the owners resorted to transforming furniture. For example, a dining table is attached to the wall and, if necessary, reclines.

Not far from the entrance is a kitchen. Look, it also has everything you need for a modest (or not so) life: a refrigerator, large upper shelves, a cooktop, a worktop, a sink, an extractor fan, and lower shelves. We remind you: all this fit in a flat of 7 square meters.

See the screen on the right? Your guesses are correct: it was there that the miniature bathroom was located. And there, too, has everything you need: a shower cubicle, a sink, shelves, a mirror, a toilet and even a sliding bathroom cabinet!

Currently, due to replenishment, the family no longer lives here, but rents a compact apartment in Rome for rent.

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