8 sexual things that you can wear even at work (only carefully)

The film “Fifty shades is darker” is starting soon at the box office - a continuation of the “erotic blockbuster” about billionaire Christian Gray and his sexual adventures with the modest student Anastay Steele. You can't call this film a masterpiece of cinema art, but he definitely managed to make a mini-revolution in his genre, namely, to make a piquant cinema mainstream. Approximately the same merit belongs to the Kardashian clan, but they made a savory style in clothes only by the mainstream, transforming everyday things that we didn’t even think outside our bedroom into everyday life. We already talked about the fact that sex is now at the height of fashion, and now it's time to prove it to you visually - with clothes and shoes that look damn tempting, but it so happened that some of the items from this collection you could even put on office...

Latex leather top

In the footsteps of the hypersexual style of the Kardashian sisters, new fashion brands are being created, which specialize exclusively in clothing, which emphasizes the figure in all its glory. Honey Couture is one of those. The brand has devoted itself to bandage dresses, latex tops and narrow skirts that are wrapped like a vacuum wrapper.

Latex Leather Honey Couture Top

Top Honey Couture latex leather (6 599 rub.)

Bra with decorative straps

Underwear with all sorts of decorative excesses that rather excite the imagination rather than serve any practical purpose is the "new black" not only for brands with an insidious reputation like Agent Provocateur, but also for more affordable brands. We use it on the eve of February 14!

Bra H & M

Bra H & M with transparent cups (1,299 rubles)

Leather skirt with lacing

If you imagine this skirt in a set with a mini-top and high boots-boots, then the association with the film "Pretty Woman", to be exact the first part of it, float up by itself. With the task of "domesticating" this sparkling piece of clothing will cope, perhaps, with the simplest white T-shirt, classic black jacket and ankle-free ankle boots - so the image will come out about rock'n'roll, and not about the night life of Hollywood Boulevard.

Diesel Black Gold leather skirt with lacing

Diesel Black Gold leather skirt with lacing (38 666 rub.)


Beach fashion follows “normal” and strives for a straightforward expression of sexuality: in a trend, monophonic solid swimsuits of thin matter, which creates a brazen translucent effect, and bikini with all sorts of cuts and additional straps. This model, as they say, “killed all the hares at once” - here both the transparency, and the bandage details, and the appearance are like those of a seductive body.

Zimmermann swimsuit

Zimmermann Swimsuit ($ 340)

Transparent booties

The transparent insert seems to imply that these shoes should be worn on a bare leg or with bodily tights, playfully exposing the ankle in the cut, and confirms that the cuts and cutouts are now everywhere and everywhere. And including on shoes for the off-season ...

See-through Topshop Ankle Boots

See-through Topshop Ankle Boots (£ 65)

Dress with collar

The fashion for choker collars reached the point that they began to “attach” this accessory to the neck as an additional detail to sweaters, tops and dresses. But it is this combination of satin dress and choker-scarf to him that is interesting because the latter easily turns into a belt, so instead of one accessory you get two.

Dress with "collar" Abracadabra

Dress with a "collar" Abracadabra ($ 19.99)

Leather belt harness

Harness, or, word for word, the harness belt is an accessory derived from a conventional belt with one important detail: it does not end at the waist and covers other parts of the body with straps or a choker collar around the neck. The first thought when looking at it will remind many people about films marked 18+, but against the background of an ordinary white T-shirt, the harness does not shock anyone and does not drive into the paint.

Jakimac Leather Harness

Jakimac Leather Belt Harness (1,664 rub.)

Patent leather sandals

Red patent leather already speaks for itself - perhaps no material causes so much fire on itself, not leaving indifferent to itself. If you do not look to this pair of any seductive context, then the usual narrow jeans and a white shirt will be enough to make the image already piquant and attractive.

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