93 edition. Habitat - useful supplements

Habitat - useful supplements

Take a look at the counter of a typical supermarket. Surely you will find milk enriched with vitamins, yogurt with live bacteria, cottage cheese with calcium, shampoo with diamond dust. Useful additives are in many products, household chemicals and perfumes. Manufacturers want, as they say, to combine business with pleasure. Put in chocolate flakes, for example, calcium and vitamin B, and in cookies add a compound with sodium and phosphorus. Natural products with additives are usually more expensive than usual.


We all know that only the truth can be written on the label. By law, the manufacturer is obliged to do just that. But the truth is also different. “Habitat” decided to make its absolutely natural fortified product and honestly get the good of reputable organizations. Developed packaging, the inscription: “Natural aromatic fortified puree with the addition of meadow herbs. Without GMO, dyes and preservatives. " That sounds good.In the village of Tver region took fresh cow dung. No deception - there really is no GMO, dyes and preservatives, the consistency of the product is similar to mashed potatoes, there are vitamins in manure, the product is absolutely natural and environmentally friendly. With the aroma, too, can not argue.


To sell your environmentally friendly product more expensive, you need to get the approval of some reputable organization and put a badge on it. First of all, "Habitat" decided to participate with its "natural product" in the program "One hundred best goods of Russia". As it turned out, to win the competition, the product must have good taste, and the owners of the company - 12 thousand rubles. The commission tastes a product and estimates its tastes. If you like the product of the commission, you can put the “One hundred best chefs” badge on the packaging for two years. This option, unfortunately, does not fit - it is unlikely the commission will enjoy the taste of cow dung.


Remember: the badge “One Hundred Best Products of Russia” means only that the commission liked the product. This organization does not conduct any additional examinations.

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