A fun little butterfly set for fashionistas

Recently, I had the idea to do something interesting and unusual for my niece. The fact is that she is engaged in oriental dances and all sorts of bijouterie with pendants very much emphasizes the grace and beauty of the dance and the dancer herself. And since it's warm outside, the birds are singing, butterflies are flying, I decided to embody the beauty of summer in one set. I am sharing my master class with you. So, in order to make this set we need to prepare a number of raw materials: Tools (round-nose pliers, scissors); Jewelry pins and hairpins;
Rings of different sizes; Earrings; Stitch for earrings; Beads of different sizes and any colors that your soul desires - it's a summer mix; Beads in the shape of butterflies and flowers.
need to prepare
Getting Started making earrings. To do this, take a jewelry pin,we string a little bead on it.
 small bead
With scissors we shorten it.
shorten it
You can, of course, use the pliers, but I don’t have them, so I manage to use large-sized scissors. We get just such a thing.
 We get this thing here
Then with round pliers we shape the ear into the straight end of the pin. To do this, grab the edge of the pin with round pliers and start turning it until a loop is formed.
 a loop is formed
We get just such a bead with two ears.
 bead with two ears
Then take a jewelry hairpin and string a butterfly bead on it.
 we string the beads
string the beads
 string the beads
After that, we insert the pin into one of the bead ears and fix, i.let's shape the hairpin loops.
We get just such a chain-link.
link chain
So we make several bundles, one by one bundle on a loop on the workpiece for earrings.
 we make several bundles
We start to collect earrings. I have already attached Shvenzu to the workpiece in advance. In the center we place one butterfly on the hairpin. At the same time, with the help of round-nose pliers we slightly bend the edge of the eyelet, insert it into the eyelet of the workpiece, and again bend it with round-nose pliers. .ru / images / 7/999-otgibaem-kray-petelki.jpg "alt =" turn down the edge of the loop "title =" turn down the edge of the loop ">
On the sides we place a bunch of two elements, the center is the largest bundle of five elements and in the middle is a bundle of four elements.

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