A new kind of make-up: sandbugging - what is it?

This new type of makeup will help keep your image for a long time, especially in hot summer weather. Sandbegging technique - great for those who do not want to part with makeup under any circumstances and in any weather!

Sandbegging promises to be a real salvation for those who in summer do not refuse makeup. It is named so by chance: sandbags (“sandbags”) are used in the fight against floods, and sandbegging prevents leakage — for example, ink that has softened from the heat, thanks to this technique, does not affect the eyelid.

The star make-up artist Mario Dedivanovich became the author of this make-up trick. He shared the secrets of the new technology back in August 2015, but attention was paid to her just now.

Sandbegging will help prevent the spread of makeup and prevent the appearance of oily sheen. With the help of transparent powder makeup is fixed for several hours, making the image perfect. We will show you three simple steps on your way to the perfect face!

In sandbegging, the key tool is transparent loose powder for fixing makeup. It can be used under the eyes, as well as on the lips: depending on what emphasis is placed on the makeup. The powder is applied in a special way, it must be imprinted in the skin, so as to stand firm all day. Remaining on the skin, the powder will absorb sebum, so that cosmetics will not flow.

What is required for sandbegging?
1. Creating a familiar makeup.

Before using such a technique as sandbegging, make up completely: smooth the skin tone with a foundation, mask the imperfections with concealer, apply blush, tint your eyes. Work with a transparent powder to fix the makeup - the final touch.

2. Applying fixative powder

Sandbugging involves applying powder to several areas of the face: first, the T-zone, secondly, under the eyes, and thirdly, around the lips. Those who have already tried sandbegging on their own, recommend spreading the powder over the skin with the help of a wet sponge. It is necessary to ensure that the tool "lay down" on the skin with a sufficiently dense layer. It is also important to apply powder as close as possible to the lash line and lip contour.


After carefully applying the powder should wait about 5-7 minutes. After that, the excess funds can be brushed off the skin using fluffy powder. Blend it to get the most natural result possible. After that, the skin will remain dull throughout the day, and the makeup will not spread from the heat.

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