A stunningly useful cheat sheet for housewives on the proper table setting.

What mistress does not dream to surprise the guests with her culinary skills at the festive table?

But to produce the maximum effect, you need to know how to properly set the table at home. Proper arrangement of dishes and appliances creates a special atmosphere. What you need to know about serving? How to arrange a table for a birthday, a new year, for a family breakfast, lunch, dinner?

The purpose of each cutlery

  1. Plate for hot.
  2. Snack plate.
  3. Plate for bread.
  4. Snack fork.
  5. Fork for fish.
  6. Table fork.
  7. Table-knife.
  8. Fish knife
  9. Snack knife.
  10. Tablespoon.
  11. Knife for butter.
  12. Dessert spoon.
  13. Dessert Fork
  14. Water glass.
  15. White wine glass.
  16. Red wine glass.

Correctly and beautifully decorated festive table will make an unforgettable impression on the guests.And it's not even a matter of etiquette - it is always pleasant when order reigns at home and a special atmosphere of coziness soars in the air.

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