Accessory selection rule

Creating a unique style of your own, due to a number of reasons, patterns and objective factors, today excites so many people, not just young girls or women who follow fashion. In addition to clothing, hairstyles, shoes and hats, a well-thought-out image provides for the correct use of other elements of the wardrobe. If when buying accessories, such as bags, wallets, briefcases, umbrellas and other additions to clothes and shoes, the task is not only to manage money, but also to achieve the maximum effect from new purchases, then you should follow the following rule.

When buying such things, it is necessary to ensure that they are made in the same color, from the same material, using the same fittings, and obey the same style and design. This approach will provide a more spectacular, thoughtful "frame" for clothing. Such a kit would be appropriate for use with any personal wardrobe items.Now not only expensive boutiques, but also fairly low-cost trademarks offer the so-called “set” - whole sets of accessories similar in style. For example, a purse, bag and briefcase, all made of crocodile leather, suede or lacquered leatherette while wearing at the same time will look beautiful. But in the opposite case, if the same items are used together, only a brown suede briefcase, a black leather bag with metal fittings, a varnished purse, and so on, the effect will be negative.

Such a "inconsistency" creates the impression of a clear lack of taste, incompatible with either elegance or chic. For example, it is not always possible to assemble a complete, flawless set of accessories. But in any case, when choosing, it is necessary to remember about the unity of their style decision, to strive to avoid at least blunders. Moreover, nowadays, when searching, it is not at all necessary to use only one or a few traditional shops with shop windows on the streets of their native city. After all, to choose from hundreds of offers you can always use the services of virtual outlets that successfully operate on the Internet.There you can find a whole set of necessary additions to outerwear or individual products that are combined with those things that already exist, pay for their purchase and arrange delivery to your city.

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