Strawberry varieties "Albion": rules for planting and growing

Variety of strawberries "Albion" fruits several times per season, the duration of daylight does not affect the ripening of fruits. Bushes turn out tall and strong, leaves have oily gloss. The berries of "Albion" are large, up to 60g each, of conical shape and dark red color, sweet in taste. The flesh of the fruit is dense, it is easy to transport such strawberries because the berries do not crumple or deform, no matter how many.

The advantages of the variety include:

  • up to 2 kg of fruit from one bush with proper care;
  • high drought tolerance;
  • immunity to gray rot and anthracosis;
  • the crop ripens twice in a season: from late May to early July and from late August to mid-September.

However, the resistance to frost in “Albion” is average, which means that in cold areas the bushes will have to be sheltered for the winter. The shade tolerance of the variety is also low, so seedlings must be hidden from the scorching sun.And if the temperature reaches 30 degrees and above, they will no longer bear fruit.

Landing rules

Place under the beds must be selected in advance. It should be on the top of a small slope, because in the lowlands the temperature is lower and the humidity is higher, for the Albion strawberry it is harmful. Before planting, the land must be dug up and fertilized, and organic fertilizers are definitely needed.

By the time to plant strawberries better in the spring, immediately after the end of frost, or in the first week of September. If the climate is warm, open ground will do as well, however, in such areas as Siberia, greenhouses should be used, because seedlings will not grow and will not bear fruit if the temperature of the earth is below +15 degrees.

Saplings need to be inspected: they must have 5-6 sheets and a developed root lobe. Before you plant them, you should cut the sheets to 2 and the roots, so that their length does not exceed 7 cm.

Beds should be located at a distance of 70 cm from each other, and the bushes to plant in the intervals of up to 15 cm between seedlings. The day for planting strawberries "Albion" is better to choose overcast, because the transplant weakens the plants and the bright sun can harm them.The volume of post-plant irrigation - from 0.5 liters per sapling.

When it takes two weeks from the day of planting, the bushes need to be checked for survival. If some of them died, cut them to the root and put new ones in this hole.

Growing rules

Watering is the most important stage in the care of the Albion variety, because the berry is moisture-loving. The water temperature should be at least 20 degrees, because the cold moisture injures the bushes themselves and the leaves.

Watering strawberries need frequent and plentiful. This means that watering is necessary several times a week, and in areas with hot climates - every day. To the bushes enough water, watering must be either drip or water-charging. The latter means that the berry is watered only three times in May, April and July, but the volume of water is large - from 12 liters. However, during the period of flowering and the formation of moisture, more will be needed - up to 25 liters. on apt. meter.

You need to keep an eye on the bushes: if they do not have enough moisture, the leaves will wilt, and if there is a lot of it, the berries will turn out watery.

The soil under the seedlings must be covered with sawdust and pine needles so that the fruits do not touch it. And if the bed is high, you can use black plastic bags that are easy to clean when watering. In addition to protecting the berries from contact with the ground, they help the heat to remain in the ground.

“Albionu” needs various fertilizers in different periods of time. Potassium is needed during the formation of flowers and berries, a solution of boric acid increases the amount of the crop, and therefore it is necessary to spray the bushes before the flowering period. In winter, the ground under strawberries should be treated with fertilizers that will help survive the cold.

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