Alexander Revva taught Krasnoyarsk people how to dance like Celentano

“Revva, come on humor!” - one of the visitors to the Maximilians restaurant in Krasnoyarsk clearly came to the concert of Arthur Pirozhkov in the hope of seeing the actor Alexander Revva in various ways.

“You know, there are a lot of comedians now,” the singer replied. - And I suddenly started singing! Alexander Revva stayed in Moscow, and with you Arthur Pirozhkov tonight. ”

Although the humor at the concert was enough. During each composition, the singer, who was constantly squinting under the supermachine, who promised to charge the entire hall with sexual energy, called the girls onto the stage and offered them to be his ballet show. Fans used this chance for a successful selfie with Pirozhkov. Arthur was in a great mood and did not refuse anyone.

And when the time came for the hit "# How Celentano", which was released this year, Revva called himself to help the guys. The artist showed them the branded movements of Adriano Celentano, which we remember in the film The Taming of the Shrew. Krasnoyarsk tried to repeat these movements.

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