All the secrets of the podium makeup

With the help of properly selected and well-used cosmetics you can hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages. And if you want to become bright and noticeable, try to master the podium makeup.

How did it come about?

The history of catwalk makeup goes back to the times when the first fashion shows began, that is, at the beginning of the last century. Of course, at that time special attention was paid to outfits, but later they began to think about the faces of the models.

Learn the secrets

If in everyday life women could not afford a catchy make-up (this was an indicator of vulgarity), then the models shone and hit everyone with bright eyes and lips. So, in essence, fashion became the ancestor of such make-up.

Special features

The designer chooses the style of makeup.

Here are some features of the podium makeup:

  • Brightness. Everyone looks at the models on the catwalk, so they have to be bright, extravagant.
  • Persistence Since initially such a make-up was intended for models that could change dozens of outfits for one show, then the makeup should have been stable.This rule continues to this day.
  • Do not confuse catwalk makeup with fantasy. The first must combine naturalness and expressiveness. That is, you should not make your eyes overly large or lipstick lip acid tones.
  • Perfect skin. The skin color of the models is just perfect. No redness, no greasy shine, no spots or pimples. Numerous views will be turned on you, so defects are unacceptable. Glitter, too, will have to give up.
  • Make-up should suit you. If these or other tones do not suit you, forget about them, even if they are popular today and are in trend.
  • Podium makeup is a part of the whole look, so it should be combined with a hairstyle and clothes. In addition, such a make-up should not drown out all other elements of the image.
  • If everyday makeup implies focusing on one part of the face, the podium make-up allows you to isolate and emphasize both the eyes and the lips at once. But it is important not to overdo it!
  • Podium makeup does not allow any missteps such as uneven arrows or curved lip contours. So you will probably have to train to create the perfect and original look.

What will be required for make-up makeup?

The result will be awesome

Before you figure out how to do the podium makeup, stock up with all the necessary cosmetics. Here's what you need:

  • Corrective means. You must know your faults and be able to hide them. For example, if you have dark circles under the eyes, get a corrective agent with a cooling effect and caffeine extract.
  • The tonal basis. It should have a dense texture and create a perfectly even tone. Make no mistake with color, because if the tone of the face is different from the skin tone of other parts of the body, you will look ridiculous and ridiculous.
  • Means for applying tonal means. It is most convenient to apply them with a special sponge, but you can do it with your finger.
  • Powder. It should match the tone with the tonal base.
  • Brush for powder application. Wide and with natural nap.
  • Mascara. It is advisable to have several carcasses of different colors. Choose such tools, taking into account the characteristics of your eyelashes. For short ones, it is better to purchase an extension mascara, for thin ones - an ink with the effect of additional volume.
  • Eyeliner can also be useful, it will make the eyes more expressive.
  • Eyeshadow. It is better to have a lot of multi-colored shadows of different types: liquid, crumbly frosted and with sparkles, baked.
  • Lipstick or lip gloss. Variety is welcome.
  • Lip pencil. With its help, you can select a path.
  • Eyebrow pencil. Eyebrows should be clearly defined.
  • Sometimes blush is required.

All cosmetics must be of high quality and resistant!

How to do?

Everything should be beautiful

So, you found out the features, studied the photo. Now learn how to do a podium makeup step by step:

  1. First, with the help of corrective means, remove all defects: circles under the eyes, pimples and oily sheen.
  2. Apply an even layer of matte concealer.
  3. Then apply powder. It is applied in an even and thin layer with light brush movements.
  4. Go to the eyes. Apply dry lilac shadows to the upper eyelids. Apply dry fuchsia shades to the moving eyelids. Now take the liquid purple shadows and draw a thick line over the eyelash growth line. Mark a thin line and lower eyelid. Now liner draw thin neat arrows over the upper eyelids, slightly extending them beyond the outer corner of the eye. Tread all the transitions.
  5. Make up your eyelashes.
  6. Design your eyebrows with a pencil.
  7. Label the lip contour with a dark pink pencil. Lip up with pink gloss.
  8. Apply pink blush on cheekbones.
  9. Done!

Create your own vivid image using podium make-up!

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