American snowmobiles

American snowmobilesAmerican snowmobiles stand out a bit. And when you see the tent of the Tucker team, you understand how serious they are: jackets, caps, plastic on a snowmobile, a trailer and an awning are designed in the same style, of course, in the colors of the main sponsor, whose emblems are attached on each relatively flat surface. In general, this place does not resemble the dwelling of a real racing team, but the scenery for a film about cross-country snowmobiles - everything is so clean, stylish and done as if to the public. But this is a family contract: the father is engaged in cars, the wife is the press. “My father is a former racer,” Tucker answers any question as if written. - I grew up in an atmosphere of racing, from childhood I was in love with snowmobiles. The most valuable win? At fifteen, I won the first gold medal. It was really cool! ”The attitude to the interviews with Americans is also very businesslike. The more an athlete is in the frame - the more often the sponsors' logos flash, and this is advertising, product promotion among the target audience, in general, the money with which the driver pays for sponsors with support.Therefore, communication with journalists for professional athletes is part of the work, and they do it in good faith.


The current champion was the Norwegian Emil Ohman, but the favorite of the races is Tucker. He arrived as the second most important athlete - still an ex-champion, but was immediately perceived as the first. Tucker knows how.


And the former Finnish racer Tomi Ahmasala knows how to build tracks. The track in Semigorye is his work. Actually, there is no hard limit. The length of not less than eight hundred meters, the trajectories of the racers should not intersect. Another question is that in order to create the route, snow is needed, but it had to be brought in from the whole area, the winter was not too snowy. Anyway, it turned out a 1300 meter long track, which was liked by both sportsmen and spectators. By the way, about those who sit in the stands, Ahmisala thought specifically: "It was important to make sure that all the most spectacular sections were clearly visible to the audience. I tried to make a real show for them. "


And now on the nose the main races. I rush to the tent of the current champion Emil Okhman, asking if I can, they say, ask him a couple of questions. Mechanics for a minute and a half look at each other: "It does not feel very well", I considered it an excuse until the first race began, which almost entirely consisted of surprises.It began with the fact that the current champion, Ohman ... did not go on the track at all! Athletes left for the starting line, and his snowmobile guys from the team rolled back to the tent. It seems that until the last moment Emil doubted whether he should start, but apparently not feeling very well.


But that's what! Almost immediately after the start, the main favorite of the race, Hibbert Tucker accidentally pulls out a check, and the engine of his car stalls! Amazing thing: at the press conference there were two world champions, and now there is not one on the track? Not here it was! Tucker started his Arctic Cat and went ahead again. The arrivals lasted 15 minutes plus two laps, this time the American had enough to get to the "head of the convoy" from the very tail of the pylon, and Scandinavian Peter Narsa managed to keep the position of the locomotive just because the race was over. And again, Tucker comes second, but he looks like the winner. Is able.

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