Apartment decoration styles

Each apartment owner wants to make his home interesting, original and comfortable. But often, people do not know with what design elements and solutions it is possible to equip an unusual apartment interior. The perfect solution for an unusual style can be the design of rooms in the style of classicism or modern, is also welcome mixing different styles into one.

However, you should remember that in these apartments you will need to live, and do not drive guests around the apartment, like in museum rooms. As for styles, it should be noted that not all of them can be comfortably implemented and different options will have to be considered, depending on the needs and requirements of the family.

Baroquewill give the apartment accents of excess, because the word translates as “vicious, prone to excess”. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have animalistic ornaments, fabric upholstery in blue and red, as well as furniture with a predominance of wood with gilding. The room will be decorated with symmetric mirrors in heavy frames. Modernis characterized by the rejection of symmetry and right angles. This stylistic trend was born in the 80s of the XIX century and means "modern". Most often, the basis is dominated by plant elements, and all architectural nuances are worked out in great detail. A necessary element of style is the use of glass and metal. Hi-techwill suit people who like to use all the most modern and new. Therefore, in this style apartment renovation in Moscow requires the use of high technology with the use of plastic, strict straight lines with the addition of neutral colors. The Romanesque stylebasically has independent and distinctive details from each other, round-shaped arches that Ariona’s firm can make to order, and necessarily carved wood. Classicismis noble materials, including stone, silk (or its imitation), wood. Thanks to this particular design, the right lines, noble colors and luxury prevail in the room. Furniture of this style is most often of high-tech colors, while the details and decorations are practically not used. A very interesting solution would be to use the style of "eclecticism", which was formed by combining two directions - modern and classicism. Now, however, in a similar way is called mixing any styles. In this case, the main thing is to get a quality and tastefully decorated home. Also, depending on the desire of the apartment owners, the room can be arranged using the latest fashion trends: namely, Japanese, English, Provence or Art Deco.

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