Appearance and character dogs cadebos

Earlier, cadebos participated in bullfighting, protecting the bullfighter from the blows of the bull. This dog is an excellent choice for people who want to get a loyal companion and a fearless bodyguard.

Characteristic appearance cadebou

Dogs of this breed at first glance seem pretty massive. This impression is created due to well-developed muscles and a large head.

Cadebou coat color is black, red or beige
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Distinctive features of appearance:

  • wide muzzle;
  • strong chewing muscles;
  • white strong teeth;
  • large, deep-set, dark eyes;
  • small pinkish ears;
  • thick neck;
  • high croup;
  • cylindrical wide chest;
  • low set fat tail;
  • relief muscles;
  • short hard wool.

The coat color is beige, red, black or motley. Weight varies from 31 to 38 kg, height - 53-58 cm. It is not difficult to distinguish the female from the male: the males are larger, and they have a much larger head circumference.

Character dogs breed kadebo

Kadebo - excellent guards. With courage, they rush to the aid of the owner, protecting him from the attack of people or other animals. But by nature these dogs are very calm and show their fighting qualities only at the moment of danger. If the animal is in an excited state, then the threatening expression of its face will frighten anyone.

The main character traits are phlegm, thoughtfulness and silence. A dog will never bark at neighbors or passers-by who have passed by. She gives a voice very rarely, only in exceptional cases. There is a nobility in the character of ca de bou, since he will never offend smaller dogs. Animals of this breed can be easily trained and trained. They have a calm and balanced character, so even beginners can do the training. The main thing is that the classes should be permanent, and the dog should feel a good host attitude.

These pets will never try to take the place of the leader in the house. They respect and love all family members, without giving anyone preference.

Cadebos tolerate other animals in the house. Sensitivity to the mood and state of mind of the owner - a distinctive feature of these animals.They will not pester him with games if they see that the owner is busy with others or is upset about something. Animals feel the people to which the owner is friendly, and also treat them. A man who is not pleasant owner, the dog will be treated with contempt, distrust and cold indifference.

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