ARI is the most common disease

Probably there is no such person who at least once in his life would not have had an acute respiratory disease. What kind of infection is this?

Acute respiratory disease, or acute respiratory viral infection - a group of diseases that is most common in the world. This group includes influenza, rhinovirus and adenoviral infections, as well as other inflammations of the upper respiratory tract.

Symptoms such as headache, general weakness, runny nose and cough are characteristic of acute respiratory infections. The disease usually occurs at elevated body temperature.

The entrance gates to the body for the virus are the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Harmful substances and toxins that are released there are then carried by blood throughout the human body.

If the mother of children has antibodies in the blood to the causative agents of acute respiratory infections, children born from such mothers, as a rule, do not get sick in the first months of life. If the mother does not have such antibodies, then even a newborn can get SARS.

Acute respiratory viral infection is transmitted by airborne droplets. There is evidence that the virus can spread when it comes in contact with the skin of an infected person, for example, when shaking hands.

Treatment of acute respiratory disease symptomatic.

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