Balsam "Asterisk" - a budget tool, the unique properties of which you did not realize

  • Anonymous

    A wonderful tool. And original.

  • Anonymous

    If you have a cold, you can rub their backs and breasts, rub them in your back and chest. pity steel


      Nature's Sunshine massage cream TEFU can be used for rheumatic or arthritic joint pain, toothache, cold (ARVI), burns, bruises or sprains, headaches, insect bites, stiff muscles, tunnel syndrome, epicondylitis ("tennis player" ), low back pain, cough, etc.
      It is used for the following diseases:
      • Myalgia and miasitis (muscle pain)
      • Sciatica, exacerbation of osteochondrosis and diseases of small joints
      • Sports and domestic injuries (bruises, sprains, dislocation of joints, etc.)
      • Post-traumatic complications: muscle cramps, scars, stiff joints
      • Headache (rub into neck, temples)
      • Toothache (rub in the projection of the tooth)
      • Insect bites and minor injuries)
      Tei-Fu Massage Lotion (Tay-Fu Massage Lotion) -

  • Vyacheslav

    Nothing this useless crap does not help, the sense from it is zero integer, horseradish tenths.

  • Anonymous

    An excellent tool for many years I use only I save myself

  • Isabel

    Every evening, before I go to sleep, I rub the sole of the foot with an asterisk and pull on my socks. Sleep well and all colds go away. I really like it. I advise everyone.

  • Evgeniy

    Before sexual intercourse if applied to the glans penis, on the foreskin, then sexual intercourse will be long

  • Raisa

    Good advice and most importantly what works


    An asterisk - is familiar to everyone from childhood, but try the Massage Lotion Tei-Fu and you'll just be delighted. Efficiency is many times more, cheaper, but the absence of vaseline (a product of oil refining) makes this product much higher than all competitors. It has a certificate of the State Register, recommended by the Ministry of Health to doctors for use.

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