At what distance to plant pepper in open ground

Pepper, although it seems quite simple, but the culture is very capricious. Germination of seeds from him almost 100%, survival rate to the ground is the same, but then he can behave extremely surprising and not very nice.

Often, gardeners are faced with the fact that when arriving at their site, they observe how in the place of yesterday still lush bushes are gnawed sticks or strange bushes affected by the disease. This may not always be harmful insects. No, of course, every crop, including pepper, just need to be treated from pests. But it is also important to plant it correctly in order to protect it from diseases.

As a rule, everyone is advised to make the distance between landings about half a meter. That is, your bushes should be quietly located on the site, not touching each other. But not always this way gives the desired result. If the plant becomes ill, then it, as a rule, dies and does not bear fruit.

Those who sell seedlings, give very good advice:It is necessary to plant the pepper as close as possible, at a distance of 20 centimeters from each other and preferably 2 pieces per well.

plant pepper as often as possible

This is because the bushes will protect each other when they grow. In addition, the root system of the pepper is not very wide and it will not be closely at all. The main thing - more sunny color and moderate watering. According to the sellers of seedlings should be trusted, because they are grown vegetables hectares, and not as a standard summer resident - beds.

Therefore, if you suffer from year to year not with the yield of pepper and buy it in a store, then you should stumble it on the garden as often as possible and try this method of cultivation. Perhaps he will give the desired and expected result.

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