Avatar: how to win a pillow fight?

February 1, 2015
Avatar: how to win a pillow fight?

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Avatar: how to win a pillow fight?

In many online games there are various mini-games, the purpose of which is to earn virtual points, money, fame, recognition and other useful things. Sometimes such mini-games are played not for the sake of prizes, but for pleasure. There is always a player who wants to reach the heights of skill in a particular game, using special methods and tactics.

But many mini-games can be thought out so that everything depends on the loss of chance. However, there are methods and tactics to bypass the system.

These mini-games include pillow fights in the Avatar game. Let us consider in more detail how you can win this battle in the game, what methods and tactics exist to achieve the goal.

How to win a pillow fight: tactics

During the entire existence of the Avatar game, several winning tactics have been invented in the “pillow fight” mini-game. Consider two of them that are considered optimal:

  • The first algorithm consists of five moves: 8 en. pillow, 6 en. pillow, 8 en. pillow, protection 4 en., protection 3 en.
  • The second algorithm looks like this: 8 pillow, 4 protection, 8 pillow, 4 protection, 8 pillow and repeat in a circle until victory.

However, these tactics do not guarantee 100% victory, because chance still plays a significant role.

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