Baby menu from 6 to 9 months

Breast-fed baby - how to feed

At the age of six months, breastfed babies can already be given complementary foods. It is better to begin with vegetable one-component mashed potatoes. They are mainly made from hypoallergenic vegetables - zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. Fruits are recommended to enter in the second place, as they contain a lot of acids, and can irritate the baby's stomach. An exemplary menu of a child of six months in the first week of feeding will look like this:
- breakfast - mother's milk;
- the second breakfast - 1 teaspoon of vegetable puree, supplemented with milk;
- lunch - 2 teaspoons of mashed potatoes, supplemented with milk;
- snack, dinner, night feeding - milk.If you are in doubt about when to start feeding and what product to give first, consult your pediatrician. Only he can say exactly what your child needs.
Complementary feeding is recommended to be introduced in the morning to see the reaction of the child’s body to this or that food.After a week and a half after the successful use of one-component vegetable nutrition, you can begin to try mixed and fruit puree. Forcibly feeding the baby is not worth it, if the baby spits, does not want to swallow - replace the mashed potatoes or put off the introduction of complementary foods for a week.
Closer to seven months, you can replace one main feeding with vegetable or fruit puree, at eight you can add chicken and beef puree, millet and buckwheat milled cereals to the diet, and replace them with one breastfeeding, and by nine you can leave mother's milk only before bedtime and at night. All changes in the children's menu are very individual, you need to monitor the behavior of the child and the reaction of his body before finishing with a new type of food.

Baby feeds on milk formula - when to start feeding

For breast-fed babies, pediatricians recommend introducing complementary foods earlier, from four to five months. It is also necessary to begin with a vegetable one-component mashed potatoes. By six months, the baby’s menu should be as follows:
- breakfast - milk mixture;
- second breakfast - buckwheat or millet porridge in the mixture;
- lunch - vegetable puree;
- snack, dinner, night feeding - a mixture.Cow's milk is not recommended for children younger than a year. At the age of six months, you can try to introduce kefir, little by little, watching the reaction of the child.
By seven months, afternoon tea can be replaced with fruit puree, at eight it is possible to give mashed chicken or beef for dinner, at nine to replace breakfast with porridge, and to cook light soups with vegetables and pasta for lunch.

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