Backpacks from 1 000 to 40 000 rubles for all occasions

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

In Russian, the shoulder is usually offered as an aid, and in English, the back is offered. It is logical, because on the back you can bear much more than on one shoulder. As a proof, there is a backpack - an accessory familiar to everyone from childhood, which helped to carry kilograms of textbooks and dozens of colored pencils. Now the latter were replaced by light laptops and heavy cosmetic bags with a set of young make-up artists, and backpacks are also almost the most convenient alternative to travel bags, far and near, as well as for our daily worries. That's why the English phrase You can have my back we say backpacks and combine in this review a variety of models - from tiny to roomy and from designer to very inexpensive.

Canvas backpack, 999 rubles

The first lifhak that we found in search of backpacks (and share it with you!): The most simple and unpretentious models are found in men's collections and even successfully survive to the final sales.

Mango Canvas Backpack

Mango Canvas Backpack (999 руб.)

Imitation leather backpack, 1 399 rubles

This pink baby urgently wants to take to his collection and have time to put on with short dresses, portraying a schoolgirl in the last days of summer vacation. What's wrong with that? If not only creams, but also accessories have “rejuvenating” properties, then this backpack is one of them.

Bershka Imitation Leather Backpack

Bershka faux leather backpack (1 399 rub.)

Denim backpack, 1 999 rubles

If the backpack is not necessarily made of leather and certainly not necessarily "adult". This model attracted us to the fact that it seemed to have come to us from the 90's and reminded how we searched for trinkets to rucksacks even longer than the backpack itself.

Pull and Bear Denim Backpack

Pull and Bear Denim Backpack (1 999 RUB)

Metallic backpack, about 5 500 rubles

Have you noticed yourself in copying the style of the Kardashian sisters? The last of the glamor quickly moved to commercial sportsfuturism, which, theoretically, falls into this backpack: it is large enough to accommodate things for the gym, and shines as if it "flew" from Mars.

Kendall + Kylie Metallic Backpack

Kendall + Kylie Metallic Backpack (about 5,500 rubles)

Backpack made of genuine leather, 12 999 rubles

Accessories from genuine leather of good quality are sought even from democratic brands, to which we have dedicated a separate fashion review.Only here the price of "finds" does not remain so affordable.

Genuine Leather Zara Backpack

Genuine Leather Zara Backpack (12 999 rub.)

Backpack quilted genuine leather, about 17 000 rubles

Maybe the pioneers in using quilted leather for bags were Chanel, but this fashion house is certainly not the most original in this technique. Evaluate what a stylish accessory with wavy stitching turned out in Ted Baker - it's not even Chanel, but steeper.

Ted Baker Backpack in Quilted Genuine Leather

Ted Baker backpack made of quilted natural leather (about 17,000 rubles)

Polyester backpack, 24 250 rubles

Finding a leather backpack from a world-famous brand at a price of less than 800 euros turned out to be an almost impossible task. Therefore, fashion fetishists devote here this model from McQ by Alexander McQueen of textiles with Japanese drawings as an application for a work of art.

McQ by Alexander McQueen Polyester Backpack

McQ by Alexander McQueen Polyester Backpack (24 250 rub.)

Genuine leather backpack, about 40 000 rubles

Mansur Gavriel is the brand favorite of bloggers and fashion week visitors. Glory to itself this brand has earned on laconic design of backpacks and bags: expensive leather does not cause censures, and the form is chosen such that will be actual and 20 years later.

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