Birch Bark Belt

Prepare the bark for work. Stratify and cut the stripped bark into strips. The width of the stripes depends on how wide you want the belt to be. We advise you to make strips 1 cm wide. When all the strips are ready, proceed to the weave. Fold one strip over the other (fig. A). It is desirable that the ends of the strips were of different lengths, it will be more convenient to insert them. Otherwise they will end at the same time and there will be a noticeable thickening in the place of their elevation. The basic rule of weaving all the strips bend back (from the person weaving them). Fold strip 2 backwards behind strip 4 (fig. B).

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Then fold back the strip 4 and skip it over the strip 3 (Fig. B). Please note: the stripes must be parallely parallel. Otherwise weaving will be inaccurate. Fold back the strip 2 and skip it over the strip 1 (fig. D).After that, fold back the strip 2 and skip it over the strip 4 (Fig. E).

Gradually, you should have a belt drawing. If you braid correctly, then the center of the bracelet will be diamonds, and on the edge of the triangles. Then fold back the strip 1 and skip it over the strip 3 (fig. E}. Try to weave tighter, without gaps between the strips. Fold back the strip 1 and run it over the strip 2 (fig. G). Go to figure 3. Bend back the strip 3 and run it over the strip 4. Then fold back the strip 3, and it will pass over the strip 1. Then fold the strip 4, and it will pass over the strip 2, just as shown in Figures D and E. Then repeat the steps in Figures J and 3, only with other stripes. The belt is woven 10-15 cm longer than the size of the waist. This allowance is needed for I want to bend the belt from both sides and make loops. Weave the open end immediately as weave. And cut the closed end with scissors and unwind it a little. Then bend this end into a loop and weave it in the belt. You can glue the ends slightly for reliability. loops are made, the length of the belt should match your waistline or be 1-2 cm shorter.Connect the belt with a thick thick linen rope. Insert the rope into the loops and tie it to the bow (Fig. I).

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