Birthday party invitations

To remember the birthday of a child, you need to think through every little thing, including invitations for guests. You can make original invitations with your own hands, and they will become not only a pleasant notice that you are waiting for a person for a holiday, but also a beautiful reminder of you. We offer some interesting ideas for creating invitations to the birthday of the child with his own hands.

Birthday party invitations in the old style

The old style is always associated with beautiful scrolls that imitate old parchment. You can do this yourself.

For this you will need:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • kitchen sponge
  • satin ribbon (red, green, pink or blue)
  • watercolor

In a small container, we draw water, we moisten a sponge in it. Apply a brown watercolor on a wetted sponge with a brush.

Sponge pass through the entire perimeter of the sheet, without affecting the middle.After coloring the sheet, it will acquire the effect of antique paper or parchment. For some time, the paper is left near the battery or in the sun to dry completely.

As soon as the sheets are dry, proceed to the application of the inscription. This can be done with the help of a computer and a printer or with a handwritten calligraphy.

Now your task is to roll invitation cards into scrolls.

The last step is to tie a satin ribbon. To do this, prepare several strips (by the number of invitations) with a length of 15-20 cm. On both sides, the ends of the tape must be soldered with a lighter so that the thread does not come loose. Tie scrolls beautiful bow. Done!

Sweet birthday invitations

We offer you two options for creating sweet invitations. To implement the first idea you will need: round flat candy on a stick (the amount depends on the invitees), paper, glue, thin satin ribbon.

The first idea

  • In the form of paper lollipops we cut circles, then we write on them the name / surname of the guest and the reason. Each leaf is glued to a separate candy.
  • We gently tie a small cute bow on the stick. Done!

Second idea

To do this you have to replace the dough of your favorite cookies. In addition, you will need tracing paper and pen with thick ink.

  • So, while the dough is infused, you need to cut several small pieces of tracing paper and write the name of the invitee on each of them.
  • Finished strips need to carefully put in the dough. Do not forget to make a note next to each cookie, to whom it is addressed.
  • We bake according to the technology provided for this recipe.
  • If you wish, in order not to get confused, cooled cakes can be distributed into small sachets and sign to whom they are intended.

Do-it-yourself birthday party invitations are a great way to show your friends and family how they are dear to you. Rest assured, our ideas will not only be a pleasant surprise for guests, but also will delight you with the preparation process.

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