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How to become a stinker, the first steps.

Bitch or girl mystery!



A huge number of books of journal articles, these training courses, tells how a girl, woman or girl to become a real stinker - in our days, it is considered incredibly fashionable and very prestigious. I will give you some instructions on how to become a stinker at work, for a husband and others. There is a book of a real bitch, in the initial chapters, which, it is said that the main features for this are arrogance and assertiveness, narcissism and a great desire to take more than give, obstinacy and aggressiveness, absolute unwillingness to reckon with anyone else's opinion, plus firm confidence in the case when it is necessary to go through everything ahead, bypassing all obstacles and obstacles, for the sake of the goal. Have you ever thought what is necessary to become a real bitchy thing? I will say simply and briefly,it can be an exceptionally gifted woman who knows not only how to properly monitor the skin of the face and care for the hair, but also can support any one, male or female conversation.


A few important points about how to become a bitch.



Girl and pepper

Important tips to help every girl become a measure of a bitch.

  • 1. Never trust men, they are deceiving everything, and if they say truthful things, they are only for the purpose of deceiving you. But what is the catch on your part will be: - make a smart look, and facial expressions on the face, as if you believe him.
  • 2. Be constantly on top, that is, settle for all of it.
  • proposals, but only on the basis of their own considerations, on their own terms.
  • 3. In no case do not need to open the soul of a man, better lie, embellish
  • reality.
  • 4. And never be afraid and do not worry about the fact that you can lose it. If he does not play according to the rules you set, but
  • running away somewhere, it means that you are absolutely not hooked on him, and any relationship with him has no meaning.
  • 5. It is impossible to ask anything directly in any case, make the guy himself offer you what you crave so passionately.
  • 6Do not take the liberty of exposing your weaknesses to a guy, manifesting them in conversation or in deeds, otherwise he will click on your most vulnerable and emotionally vulnerable feelings in order to fully control the situation.
  • 7. Any of your sluggish and negative reactions to something, tells him that you really need it, and therefore, completely dependent on it. Therefore, in this case I will advise always and to all, to be completely
  • indifferent.
  • to subordinate yourself, then you must prove yourself and give him a good, and most importantly, a qualitative rebuff, so as not to strain it, but to draw to your sweet essence.
  • 9. And one should not believe the stupidities about which it is said that men first of all catch their appearance, their clothes and only this attracts a fiery gaze. And it touches them, it is your insubordination and steadfastness.


To be a bitch is to be a real actress, that is, to play in your own unusual games, and according to your correctly set rules. If you absolutely do not experience incredible pleasure or satisfaction from the game, then I want to upset you, you will not become a bitch. There is always a huge flow of male attention around her and everyone madly wants to tame her (the weak usually avoid bitchy things).And yet, you will never be a bitch as long as you have a passionate feeling of love in you, and believe in it.


There is only passionate sexual desire, tremendous, tiny or incredibly strong, it does not matter, but this is clearly not a sign of love. Bitchiness is, first of all, primarily hidden cynicism. As a rule, real units are usually made and become units (and then, if there is a mass of incredible and mind-blowing abilities), everything else is already a parody.


Love or free sex



The male half came up with such a wonderful feeling of love, so as not to pay money for it, as in sex.


Self-confidence, and great freedom of desire and feelings in relationships, as well as a halo of inaccessibility will decorate your female I, like nothing else, like no other man in the world. But there is a small but! The main thing is not to overdo it all, and not if you follow these rules, everything will collapse, and from a real bitch, you will turn into an unnecessary shaky neurotic. In the glamorous bitch, always there are some buggers, because in no case should she depend on the man. Beautiful clothes, make-up and accessories, hairstyle, as well as freedom of movement requires good means to buy all this. Becoming a bitch is not easy, it is an art that requires a lot of sacrifice.First of all, one should really remember that the word “bitch” itself implies a strong woman capable of coping with any problems. Free from all prejudice and possessing a certain sense of irony. Ambition becomes an assistant, such a lady to be a professional at work, and also contributes to rapid career growth. Bitch very skillfully manipulates male behavior, it forces members of the strong half of humanity to implement and undertake the necessary conditions for it. She really is a leader, but at the same time, she remains an ordinary girl.


It is necessary to understand that a bitch woman is a beautiful woman who, while performing certain actions, follows her own line of behavior in society. Already mentioned ability to direct in the right wing. Male behavior deserves clapping, as the latter do not always understand that they are executors of someone’s sly will. But not everything comes at once, there are various obstacles to the chosen image, and it is necessary to understand if you need it. After thinking about a decision, start taking things to achieve your goal.It should be remembered that in case of luck, you will be admired with well-groomed and tidy, as well as any males and at the same time, will pursue the hatred of the female. This female hostility will be caused, first of all, by the association of a bitch with a temptress, who is successful in her work and as if she is swimming for everything to achieve her plans.


In custody



TV star

Be an actress in your life!

It is necessary to have or have a stable character, set the simplest goals, real ones, and show perseverance and perseverance to achieve, to be tough, persevering and unshakable when it has a role. Realizing all of the above, you can achieve the fulfillment of desires and - to become a real bitch.


There are many kinds of bitches: typical, predator, princess, snake, domestic bomber, sucker, intellectual, forever offended, and sexually. If you are ready for risk, then welcome to the bitchy world of lust and debauchery. Read the book of the same name and learn in more detail how to become a bitch for a husband at work and for those around you, if necessary.

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