Black pants - learn to wear new ways (11 photos)

There are things that go for almost everyone. And if you choose the right style, then you can hide all that you do not need to show, and at the same time it is advantageous to emphasize your advantages. For example, many consider black pants as a purely classic garment. But is it? Let's figure it out!

Do I need such a thing in the wardrobe?

In general, trousers have long ceased to be a masculine garment. Women enjoy wearing them, feeling very confident. And do not think that pants - it is unladylike. The right style can highlight your sexuality in a way that a dress won't do. So the pants definitely yes!

Girls love them

Now specifically about the black trousers. Many consider them an office option, and in vain. Yes, often such a piece of clothing can be seen in the offices, but this is not the only place in which this thing would be appropriate.

Choose a more candid model, complement the image with accessories, and you can perfectly shine in sexy and elegant black trousers on a social event or even at a party.So everything is in your hands, do not be afraid of experiments!


How to choose?

There are a lot of styles of trousers. But how to decide and make a choice? Consider the features of your figure. Here are a few options:

  • If you have slender legs and perfect proportions of the figure, then you can afford the sexiest option - narrow skinny pants, which will favorably emphasize your legs and other advantages.
  • If you have not very long legs, or you are a real Thumbelina of short stature, but elongated trousers can save you. Be sure to wear them with shoes with heels. In this case, the trousers should end in the middle of the heel or slightly lower. Pants should not be wide, they should fit tightly to the legs, but not tighten them. You can choose straight cut trousers or slightly (but only slightly!) Tapered down.
  • Wide hips are not a problem if they are skillfully concealed. The best option is a classic straight cut trousers, and the worst one is tapered (they will focus more on the volume of the most “outstanding” part of your body). Also, you can pick up raskleshennye from the middle of the thigh pants. You should avoid convex or voluminous details at the top, for example, bulging pockets. Otherwise, you, on the contrary, will focus on the hips.
  • If your legs seem too thin, then avoid tight pants, they will only underline your thinness. But too wide pants should not be chosen, they will literally hang on you. It is worth choosing volume fabrics, for example, velveteen, velvet and other. You can easily afford straight trousers, but it is better to forget about flared ones.
  • Your buttocks are not as prominent as you would like? Do not worry, everything is fixable, especially if you know some tricks. For example, voluminous patch pockets can add a volume that is not enough and emphasize the femininity of this part of the body. In addition, the volume can also be emphasized by draping the back. Fit models should be avoided, as well as too loose.
  • If you have narrow hips and broad shoulders (this type of figure is called an “inverted triangle”), then focus on the hips to balance the lower and upper parts of the body. You are available models of breeches, as well as wide trousers-tubes. But forget about the narrow models, they will look ridiculous.
  • If you have a short torso, then you should pay attention to the shortened model with a low waist. They visually stretch the body and shorten the lower part, thereby ensuring balance and harmony.
  • If you are the owner of appetizing forms, then choose direct classical models.Visually slimming details such as arrows and stripes. Avoid tight-fitting trousers, they will highlight all the flaws.
  • If you have a male type, that is, there is no pronounced waist, and the top almost immediately flows to the bottom, then choose a model with a high waist. Favorably emphasizes the waist and femininity wide belt. You can also mark the bend of the hips with decorative elements such as braid, pockets, zippers, buttons on the sides, and so on. Models with low waist and with narrowed trousers avoid!
  • If the buttocks are too voluminous, then not very tight straight trousers or trousers with a yoke are available to you. Also you can divert attention with a bow on the waist or belt. Models with high waists can exacerbate the situation, but low waistline will be very helpful.
  • A volumetric tummy will hide models with a high waist and a wide belt.

What to combine?

What can you wear black pants with? It all depends on your preferences. And yet there are some rules and tricks.

Color spectrum

Black is a classic, so almost any color is combined with it, here you can not limit yourself.But there are some of the most winning tandems. Black goes well with white, yellow, blue, red. It is best to play on the contrast, but a tandem with dark tones can drown out the charm of black and make the image unfinished and incomprehensible.

Clothing: profitable combinations

Simple but stylish

We offer several win-win combinations:

  1. The most strict, but at the same time feminine, sexy and elegant combination - this is classic straight pants and a classic blouse. It is possible to emphasize femininity by tucking a blouse into trousers with an overestimated waist.
  2. Youth shortened trousers are perfectly combined with denim shirts or jackets.
  3. Tight trousers can be worn with loose tops, T-shirts, sweaters, wide men's shirts and even tunics. You can also wear, for example, a shirt.
  4. If you decide to wear a jacket, it should be black and match the style of the trousers in style: the fitted models look great with straight-fitting trousers, but a more loose jacket with a smell is better combined with loose trousers (for example, with riding breeches).
  5. If you chose the model of riding breeches, it is better to prefer a more discreet top.This may be, for example, not too voluminous, but a free top without unnecessary details. Favorably look patterns and drawings.
  6. With trousers flared combined taxing knitted blouses, blouses and tops.



Several options for combinations:

  • Straight pants look great with heeled shoes.
  • Cropped models are perfectly combined with moccasins or wedge heels or a thick, steady heel with a rounded nose. From the studs better to refuse.
  • Tapered can be safely worn with ankle boots on a wedge or a steady heel with lacing.
  • Also, narrow pants can be tucked into boots or boots with a steady heel with a wide shaft.
  • Flared fit only with shoes with heels (even if low).

As for the color of shoes, if possible, choose black, but brown, red or dark gray are also acceptable.

Combination with accessories

Accessories can dilute the most boring image, so be sure to pick them up. Several variants:

  • Belts in contrasting colors.
  • Bags. Moreover, it is not necessary to combine them in color with the pants, you can choose bright colors. A variety of models are available: clutches, bags, bags or bulk models.
  • Large beads.
  • Wide bracelets.

Let black pants take a worthy place in your wardrobe.

Wide and long



Cool look


City Style

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