Blackberry shade - a color that suits all brunettes

Purple - not too bold color for hair? No, stylists are sure, if it is a blackberry or blueberry shade that amazingly revives the hairstyle of burning brunettes!

Please note: hair is not completely painted in a "poisonous", screaming and vulgar purple color. On the contrary, there are mixed several juicy berry shades of blueberry and blackberry - the overflow starts from blue and purple and ends with amethyst and purple. They are applied to the tips of the hair or form a magical gradient.

Alas, but on blondes purple and its shades really look somewhat out of place. That is why stylists are sure that the blueberry shades are perfect for brunettes - absolutely anyone.

And, most importantly, stylists say: in order to maintain this color, you do not need to resort to the use of expensive tools or frequently update your hair.Since the main blueberry shade is applied not to all the hair, but only to a part of the hair, moreover, the lower one, it means that the problem with regrown roots disappears!

The main task is to choose a shade that will be well combined with your native shade of hair and skin type.

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