Boyfriend-watches - the trend of the season 2016

If you turn back and think about modern women's fashion, you can come to a clear conclusion - apparently, we love our men so much that we are ready to borrow from their wardrobe literally all possible things.

And indeed, women have long appropriated trouser suits, jackets and jeans, have chosen hats and men's shirts, wear oversize sweaters with pleasure and the same jackets, apparently, now it’s time for accessories. The boyfriend-watch has become the latest fashion - a new element of the now women's wardrobe, which, as well as possible, refreshes the boring image, gives it freshness and special sexuality.

What is surprising, the watch has long and firmly established itself not only on our walls, but also in our hands - they are worn for various reasons - it’s just convenient for someone to know the exact time all the time, someone uses expensive watch models as special prestige, and then with pleasure turns them into trendy and stylish accessories to complete the image.

The boyfriend watch is a large wrist watch, which is always made in the classic men's style.The main highlight of this accessory lies in the fact that they, in spite of their strict and large forms, become the perfect complement for a feminine and sophisticated outfit.

The brightest trend of the season is the boyfriend's watch, which complements the outfit of strict classic jeans and a regular T-shirt. Often they are combined with cocktail dresses, denim shirts or strict blouses. And to make your look as feminine as possible, the boyfriend-watches complement the most massive accessories, for example, large bracelets and chains.

This combination is especially effective with an absolutely black bow. To understand how to properly wear such a fashion accessory, just look at the numerous photos of beauty bloggers or models who have already tried such watches on themselves.

By the way, for a female wrist it is better to acquire special female boyfriend models that will be the size of your wrist: real male models will most likely have to be stripped of links in order to fit the female hand.

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