Brad Pitt and 7 more stars that are not recognizable in the 80s ad

We decided to pause and recall the first commercials of Hollywood celebrities. Spoiler: you barely remember them!

How quickly time flies ... And how quickly beginners become superstars who refuse to appear in commercials that they don’t like. You must admit that now it’s hard to imagine that Brad Pitt will appear in swimming trunks and chips or Meg Ryan in the costume of a cashier at a fast-food restaurant in front of your favorite movie. What about flying over the roofs of Demi Moore or boasting a new car, Leonardo DiCaprio?

Cindy Crawford in Pepsi advertising

This advertisement with Cindy Crawford was once a cult. The model in the late 80s was at the peak of popularity and in better shape. And her birthmark at the lips and voluminous hairstyle tried to repeat millions of women around the world.

According to the story of Pepsi's commercial, Cindy in a white tight t-shirt and micro-sportswear comes out of a luxurious red convertible to quench your thirst with your favorite drink.At this time, two boys are looking at her with open mouths ...

Demi Moore in advertising Diet Coke

At the end of the 80s, Demi Moore was just beginning to be recognized on the screens, and there were no such successful films as Ghost, Soldier Jane and Striptease. The actress earned her fees for advertising dietetic Coca-Cola, which was very popular at the time.

By the way, the video with the participation of Moore turned out to be impressive. In the story, she rises to her apartment at a time when she is noticed by a cute neighbor. But Demi does not pay any attention to him, and when he comes home, he opens the refrigerator where the favorite can of soda is kept. However, Coca-Cola escapes from her hands, and ... the girl has to get behind her on the roof of the house. And then, as if in a good blockbuster, she falls and ... lands on the balcony of the same guy from the neighboring house.

Brad Pitt in Pringles ad

Brad Pitt from the first day of his appearance on the TV screen has received the title of sex symbol of Hollywood. And no wonder. Just look at one of his first appearances in the commercial: he is bare-chested in the company of two more handsome men on the beach with girls. And all this happens under the eating of Pringles chips, of course.

By the way, it is extremely difficult to find out in the video of the ex-wife Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. Will try?

Meg Ryan in a Burger King advertisement

Now Meg Ryan leads a healthy lifestyle and, judging by the flawless figure, eats only vegetable salads. But in the early 80s, the actress appeared in an advertisement for the fast-food restaurant Burger King. And in the image of the cashier. A celebrity wearing overalls and a cap told viewers about the new menu.

Matt Le Blanc in Cherry 7 Up Commercial

Matt Le Blanc before the success in the TV series "Friends" also managed to play in several commercials. But especially his fans remember the video Cherry 7 Up. In it, the actor, it seems, played himself to fame and fabulous fees: he went to the store to buy a favorite drink and ... at first glance fell in love with the girl shop assistant. But now come to her scared. Or shy. Then Matt waited until the end of the day his beloved and offered her Cherry 7 Up.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Suzuki Advertising

For many years, Leonardo DiCaprio buys the latest car brands and flies private jets. And before that he advertised ... a Suzuki car. And he did it so cheerfully that surely then every third spectator dreamed about this brand of car. And also pay attention to the hairstyle of the actor. In the 80s, long bangs on the side was Leo's trademark.

Mila Kunis in advertising for Lisa Frank

Mila Kunis did not immediately become a movie star and Ashton Kutcher's wife. As a teenager she starred in advertising. Now, few people remember that in the 80s, being a 13-year-old girl, a celebrity presented Lisa Frank dolls. In those days, of course, few could have imagined that after a while Mila would walk along the red carpet ...

Mark Ruffalo in advertising Clerasil

Mark Ruffalo at the beginning of his career also did not refuse advertising projects. In the late 80s, for example, he advised viewers to buy Clerasil face cleanser. In the story, the actor, noticing the imperfections on the skin, was distressed, but as soon as he started using a beauty product, his mood improved.

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