Brad Pitt became interested in a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Now, however, Western tabloids in one voice declare that Jennifer has nothing to rely on: Brad was really carried away by 42-year-old Nery Oksman, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a famous architect, designer and artist. It was thanks to the passion for architecture that Pitt and Oksman both found a common language: the actor always admitted that he would love to leave the cinema and take up his hobby if it would bring the same income as shooting in Hollywood. As you know, Pitt himself designed the interiors in their French castle, Chateau Miraval and Angelina, personally supervised the renovation and selected antique furniture.

According to a source from Pitt’s entourage, Brad himself went to Neri and asked her to help him with a new project. “Brad and Neri instantly found a common language, since both of them are driven by a passion for architecture and art,” said an insider. - Their relationship can be described as a professional friendship.But they are definitely cute to each other and at any moment can take a step towards a more romantic relationship. Brad is clearly interested in spending more time with Neri. She is great".

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