Bright and elegant Christmas costumes for girls

what could be Christmas costumes for girlsThe New Year is not only a festive feast, a smart Christmas tree and gifts, but also children's matinees, forcing parents to run around in search of a costume for a child. New-year costumes for girls, however, as for boys, can be very different, but wise parents take into account the wishes of the child, because he has to dress him in a kindergarten or school, on a festive morning performance at a culture house or a New Year party at someone's house, thats from classmates. New Year's costume for a girl should like, first of all, the baby herself and fully comply with her ideas about how she should be. Most girls dream of fairies or princesses, they want to be gentle snowflakes or adorable angels. Parents can buy New Year’s costumes for girls, but today made-up New Year’s costumes for girls are becoming more and more popular. If you are among those who do not particularly like the purchase of children's New Year's costumes for girls,We will share with you the secrets that will help you make original and beautiful fancy dresses yourself.

Fatin skirt for a suit do it yourself

For each girl, a snowflake costume is traditional, which necessarily consists of a beautiful dress or a lush skirt and elegant blouse. A master class for making a skirt made of tulle, which will not be difficult to find on the Internet, will help even those who are completely unfamiliar with the basics of cutting and sewing. Even those who do not have a sewing machine will be able to sew an air skirt made of tulle, which is the best fit for the girl’s New Year’s costume. Such a skirt can be the basis for a suit:

what could be Christmas costumes for girls

  • snowflakes;
  • fairies;
  • bees;
  • crackers;
  • Christmas trees;
  • Malvina.

Having mastered the technique of sewing skirts, you can safely take up a dress for the princess, which uses tulle of 2-3 colors, beautifully combined with each other. To decorate a skirt or dress, you can use additional elements:

  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • satin ribbons;
  • rain or fir-tree tinsel;
  • artificial flowers or snowflakes.

If your baby dreams of a butterfly suit, you will need the same skirt, which can be supplemented by a rim with springs,at the ends of which hearts, balls or asterisks play coquettishly, and buy wings to match along.

what could be Christmas costumes for girls

Suit for the girl without much trouble

New Year's costume for a girl is not always crinolines and puffy skirts, you can find a simpler version that will be bright and extraordinary, and will cause a sea of ​​compliments and enthusiastic views of kids. To appear in the image of the Red Hat, the girl will need several simple components, namely:

  • elegant blouse and skirt;
  • fishnet tights;
  • red cape with a hood;
  • lace apron.

If you add a wicker basket to the above items of wardrobe - your girl is ready for a masquerade.

what could be Christmas costumes for girls

If your daughter has a yellow or gold dress, you can offer her to make a New Year's costume of a goldfish. A crown or fish-shaped tailcoat with a tail, to create which you will need to dream up a bit, and beautifully laid hair will complement the image, and you can be proud that you could overcome the problem of how to make a New Year's costume for a girl without too much trouble - your daughter was satisfied and looked great on a children's party.

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