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Broken teeth


her husband has very bad teeth. almost completely destroyed, as he believes that due to the increased acidity, the enamel has peeled off, the teeth are all black, there are practically no healthy teeth. To go to the doctor is delayed, because he says that he found out that his jaw would be broken, the titanium pins-holders would be screwed in and the artificial jaw would be attached to them. Tell us if there is a similar technology and how to persuade it to speed up this process?


Good afternoon. You describe some horrors. This is possible with increased acidity of the stomach and throwing the acidic contents of the stomach into the esophagus, so it can happen to the teeth. But what you describe further is terrible and not realistic, or rather, it’s just some kind of medieval torture. It is necessary to carry out an X-ray examination, if the roots of the teeth and the remaining hard tissues of the teeth are consistent, they can be used to support crowns, and if not, then removed, and in their place, you can install dental implants. These are titanium analogs of the roots of the teeth (in this case, the jaw does not break under any circumstances).And then these implants serve as a support for future crowns. To begin, you need to make a review X-ray of both jaws (orthopantomogram), you need to consult a gastroenterologist, a clinical blood test and biochemistry (in particular, blood sugar is interested).

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It is believed that all diseases have a psychosomatic nature. There are a lot of options about teeth, but mostly they have unhealthy relationships with relatives. You can only sympathize with you, well, and you at the same time)

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Oh, how I adore such sympathizers in women's forums and homegrown psychologists)))) they will diagnose on the Internet and let's more sympathize with the place and out of place)))))))

Yes, there are diseases in dentistry that are directly related to stress and nervous overstrain, such as bruxism, but here is another thing ...

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Is it possible to put 32 implants? ))))

It is possible, it is possible, there are such figures ... but not necessary. There are certain techniques and each case is individual.

Yes, most likely your husband consumes a lot of coffee or carbonated drinks. I was just in the exact same situation.

you should take care of your teeth with the young, otherwise you will suffer all your life

If the teeth began to deteriorate, it was necessary to immediately go to the dentist and not to pull to the last.

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I also have bad teeth by nature. Always afraid of going to the dentist. For me, this is torture.

There are quite a few dentists in our city, but only here.http://stomatcenter.ru/I was pleased. The fact is that I haven’t met any better prices than anywhere else, and I had to spend more than one hour on the Internet, so you would also notice this possibility, all the more so since the experts are of a high level.

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