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Brown Rice Cups

Apr 26, 2011

OK, this isn't really a snack. But, healthy and pre-portioned, it's definitely smart.

Rice lovers, meet Minute® Ready to Serve Brown Rice, which comes in a package of three portioned cups (for those of you—me—who can't stop eating it!).

That said, one cup includes two (230-calorie) portions. Recommendation: Eat one portion (half the cup) for dinner and one with your non-rice/starchy leftovers, like stir-fry veggies, for lunch the next day to spread out the calories.

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Alas, I can't take the credit for this discovery. My good friend, Lindsay, alerted me to the product. She says she likes to mix the rice with cucumber, red onions and red-wine vinegar for lunch, which sounds delicious and satisfying, as brown rice is naturally ramped with filling nutrients like protein and fiber.

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Brown Rice Cups
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Watch Brown Rice Cups video

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