Building Inspection

Building InspectionWe live in times of complete legitimization of any kind of activity, and this is good. Knowledge of legislation allows you to protect yourself in advance from trouble, or to correct unwanted consequences.

Construction business is one of the most difficult. Errors, defects and negligence in the workplace can lead to unforgivable and irreversible consequences.

Proper routine inspection of buildings and structures allows you to avoid so much troublesome litigation, or to prove their case, backed up by official and authoritative expert opinion.

A building survey is carried out by a group of professionals armed with specialized equipment and a license to perform this type of work. Only officially authorized organizations have the right to assess and inspect the state of construction objects.

Inspection of buildings and structures can be made in the form of a primary visual inspection and a comprehensive technical survey.

Visual inspection allows identifying and fixing visible defects, defects and apparent emergency state of the construction site.Visual inspection, for example, is sufficient in such ordinary cases when finishing work is in doubt: splitting tiles, flaking plaster, cracks in walls and the absence of even right angles. All this is a construction marriage - poor quality work - and, therefore, such work can and should be challenged in court. Also, the initial inspection allows you to identify illegally constructed partitions, violation of the integrity of the bearing wall.

A comprehensive survey of buildings includes a number of vocational tests, laboratory tests, engineering and geodetic measurements. The collected research results are compared with the original documentation, leases and construction contracts, with safety standards and the town planning code of the Russian Federation.

Detailed examination will help to identify all existing damage and defects in the course of construction, as well as establish the causes of their occurrence. That will positively affect the accelerated appointment of measures to eliminate them.

LLC "CONSTRUCTION EXPERTISE AND TECHNADZOR" owns a state-licensed license and a certificate for construction expertise and technical supervision.

Our company employs only first-class specialists, annually confirming their qualifications and competence. Many years of experience based on solving complex professional tasks and dedication are the secret of our team’s work.

We are ready to listen and help you in any, even the most difficult business associated with construction expertise.

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