Hearty soup

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2 litersBeef (with bone)0.5 kilogramsBulb onions1 pieceCarrot1 piecePepper8 peasWhite cabbage200 gramsParsley (root)1/2 pieceGhee30 gramsPotatoes1 pieceTomatoes1 pieceCelery1 pieceBay leaf1 piece10 gramsPepper7 grams
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:30 minutes
  • Cooking time:3 hours
  • Flow temperature:Hot dish
  • Processing Type:Cooking
  • Kitchen:Russian
  • Occasion:Everyday
  • Season:autumn winter

There are a lot of recipes for soup, but we picked the most delicious ones. For example, we share the recipe for making a very satisfying first course that your loved ones will definitely like.

Cooking method:

Fill the meat with 2 liters of cold water and cook the broth, periodically removing the foam. Vegetables clean. After about an hour, put peasants in pepper broth and half a bulb, carrots and parsley.

When the meat begins to lag behind the bone, cut it into pieces and set aside. Strain the broth, add boiling water so that the total volume was about 1.5 liters.

The remaining onions, carrots and parsley root are chopped into strips and passeed in oil. In the broth, drop the chopped cabbage, peeled and chopped potatoes and browned vegetables. After 10 minutes, add chopped celery and tomato. Cook for 15 minutes. 3 minutes before the readiness put the bay leaf and the deferred pieces of meat.

Served with sour cream.

Scham should be given time to brew at least 10-15 minutes, then they will be even more tasty.

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