Can I call from the tablet?

A tablet is a multifunctional multimedia device. Many users use it to listen to music, read books, watch movies. But is it possible to call from the tablet? Let's figure it out.

Consider the basic technology that allows you to make calls from the tablet.

  • GSM module;
  • 3G and Wi-Fi – technology.

GSM module

This module is equipped with all ordinary mobile phones. It is suitable for any SIM card. In the current tablets for these purposes there is a special slot for a SIM card. GSM-module allows you to send messages, as well as make voice calls. To make calls, a standard program is installed in the tablet - a “dialer” in which there is an address book, a dialer and many other functions. That is all, as in a regular phone. If desired, the application can be replaced by any other, with a wider choice of functions.

Therefore, if you want to use mobile services, be sure to ask the seller if the device is equipped with a GSM module. If the tablet does not have this module, then you can call from it only with the help of special programs.For example, such as: Skype, Fring, Line 2, and for iPads from Apple - Viber and ooVoo programs.

It is worth noting that a tablet equipped with such a module is not cheap. Yes, and to call from a tablet with a large screen diagonal is not very convenient. In this case, it is best to purchase a phablet. This is a mobile device that combines the qualities of a smartphone and a mini-tablet. Its screen size is five to seven inches. Phablet cost is low.

3G and Wi-Fi technology

Built-in 3G-module allows you to connect 3G Internet. For this you need

  • Purchase a SIM card of a mobile operator;
  • To use 3G Internet services, conclude a contract with a mobile operator.

With 3G and Wi-Fi technology, you can connect to the world wide web. And thanks to special programs, users will be able to communicate with each other, as well as make calls to landline and mobile numbers. If your tablet has a slot for a 3G card, you can connect to a wireless network.

Skype program

The program allows you to call mobile and landline phones. Before installing the program, find out which OS is installed on the tablet.For example, Google Android or Linux OS. Depending on the operating system, you must install the appropriate version of Skype.


  1. Install the program on your tablet, run it and register.
  2. Choose your network name (nickname).
  3. Upload a photo.
  4. Enter your personal details.
  5. Adjust the video and sound.
  6. To make a call, select the “Dial Number” tab.
  7. Next, select the country, enter the number, click on the green key and wait for the answer.

Examples of tablets dialers

Today's tablet market provides many models equipped with a built-in GSM-module. Let's list the tablet models that allow you to make calls. It:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab;
  • Samsung N8000 Galaxy Note;
  • iPad 3;
  • iPad 4;
  • iPad mini;
  • Asus Nexus 7;
  • Asus MeMO Pad;
  • GamerPad M9 PRO;
  • GaxyPad;
  • EGO CarPad;
  • SuperPad ZDX;
  • Dreambook W7 WT.

Thus, in order to make calls in cellular networks, the tablet must be equipped with a GSM module. You can also call from the tablet using special programs such as Skype, Fring, Line 2, Viber and ooVoo.

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