Can I play sports in extreme heat?

Sports in extreme heat are not recommended. Doctors warn that if you do not work out in gyms equipped with the climate system, the load on the heart increases, and the body is working for wear. For people who are concerned about cardiovascular diseases, doctors strongly recommend monitoring blood pressure and appearing as little as possible in the sun.

Also, doctors advise sports enthusiasts to avoid systematic training and regular exercise. In this regard, jogging and other cardio exercises that force the heart to work actively should be postponed. In the case when the load can not be reduced, it is recommended to conduct classes in the evening when the temperature drops a little.

If you are doing at home or in the open sun, the heat will not interfere with stretching. Training is recommended to choose on coordination and technique. Also, do not give up yoga.This type of load helps to strengthen the muscles of the corset and will help both girls and boys in the fight against obesity.

If there was no heart rate monitor on hand, then you can simply navigate according to your well-being. With extreme fatigue, the pace of exercise should be reduced. Completely stop the classes necessary for the manifestations of ailments.

The human body is cooled by evaporation of sweat from the surface of the skin. If the humidity and air temperature is very high, then the cooling process slows down noticeably. Because of this, high body temperature, combined with heat, is quite dangerous and can be fatal.

With a strong overheating, the human body can get a heat stroke. The presence of heat stroke can show such symptoms: dizziness, headache, dizziness, palpitations, dehydration and general weakness.

To avoid heat stroke, you must drink more liquid and not be exposed to direct sunlight. If you do not pay attention to this, it may worsen. Heavy breathing, vomiting, or loss of consciousness occurs.The skin is then dry and hot to the touch. These symptoms are fatal and require the help of medics.

In order not to abandon their sports, you need to adhere to the rules of training in the heat and be sure to consult with your doctor. Special attention should be paid to people who take any medications.

Some helpful tips to help you work out in the heat

  1. You should not wear thick clothes, give preference to light. Despite the fact that cotton clothing is very comfortable, it is very poorly ventilated. On this basis, it is necessary to choose clothes that are looser, which, in addition to cotton, also contains polyester, or special synthetic clothing for training.
  2. Protect your skin. To avoid burns, use SPF-15 (and higher) sunscreen. It should consist of an oil-free base, which does not violate the body's thermoregulation. In order for the harmful effects of the sun's rays to be as low as possible, it is necessary to wear thick clothes, a hat and sunglasses.
  3. Use more fluid.Drink plenty of water during exercise, before and after it. For this, it is recommended to always carry a bottle of cold water. If the workout lasts more than an hour, you can drink specialized drinks that contain electrolytes.
  4. Rationally allocate time. Based on all factors negatively affecting the body, it is better to conduct training before 10 am or after 7 pm.
  5. Gradually accustom the body to the heat. Even people with good physical fitness can feel bad in extreme heat. To quickly adapt to the heat, it is recommended to practice several minutes daily and gradually increase the duration of the session.
  6. Train in the shadows. The best place for sports in the open air is any area lined with trees.
  7. Control your heart rate. If you conduct intensive enough classes in which the pulse is greatly increased, it is recommended to reduce the load. Otherwise, you can cause yourself great harm.
  8. Watch the state of your body. No need to set records in the heat, with any symptoms of overheating exercise should be stopped.
  9. If the thermometer outside the window shows 26 ° C or higher, then it is recommended to conduct training in the room, preferably with air conditioning.
  10. Do not expose the body to severe temperature drops. If it is very hot outside, do not immediately go into a cold room. The body must be gradually cooled, and then engaged in a more convenient place.
  11. Take time to swim. Swimming - a wonderful kind of activity in extreme heat. Water significantly reduces the harm of high temperatures to health and normalizes body temperature. But to maintain a normal balance of water in the body, you need, as with a normal exercise, to consume a lot of fluid.
  12. Proper nutrition. In the summer it is desirable to increase the consumption of carbohydrates in your diet. Proteins and fats are recommended to be significantly reduced, because at high temperatures they are absorbed very poorly.

These fairly simple tips will help both strengthen and maintain your health.

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