Car in a dream - what is it for?

Why dream of a car? There are many answers to this question. It is worth understanding in more detail.

What is said in the dream?

The white color of the car is a signal of strong concern, and if the car is also dirty in the mud and has a crumpled appearance, then your life is full of negativity, the reason for which is the wrong choice of a life partner.

And what's the dream about the new car? Such a dream has a favorable meaning - success in all endeavors, successful completion of the transaction. If a person buys a car in a dream - perhaps a pleasant journey is not far off or (for women) marriage.

The red color of the car symbolizes emancipation and the desire for freedom. For adults, still living with their parents, this is a signal for cardinal changes: it's time to fly out of the nest. Men may be warned of such a dream of excessive activity on the sexual front, and of married women, of an impending romance.

A broken car in a dream is always a warning. If you are to blame for this state of car, you should think: perhaps you spend too much time working. It's time to do family and children.If this happened to a rented car, failures on the love front are waiting for you. In any case, the car that has been in the accident warns: do not trust anyone, count only on yourself.

Interpretation of the Idiomatic Dream Interpretation

A dream about a car here is interpreted from several angles - you should read them and choose the most suitable for yourself. Machine in terms of “cold” and “heartless” means cynicism. In another case, it is a symbol of amazing activity and spouting energy (“work like a machine”). Sometimes a symbol is interpreted as an adverb “mechanically,” that is, unaccountably, habitually, involuntarily.

Author's dream books

Psychologist A. Meneghetti. The answer to the question of what a car can dream of is unequivocal here - it is always a movement in life. But the nature of this movement depends on the attitude of the person to the car:

  • to be behind the wheel means to strive for the intended goal or to run from difficulties;

  • being a passenger means your life is determined by another person, you have lost control of it;

  • the car is leaving without you - most likely, you are missing any opportunities.

Psychologist G. Miller.It also depends on the details:

  • just to see a car means that in the near future to become a participant in a difficult project that will require your strength, but in the end it will succeed;

  • if the car is old - expect defeat before enemies in all endeavors;

  • if you are sucked into the mechanism while it is working - expect trouble at work and unprofitable transactions;

  • if you had a dream in a car in a faulty condition - wait for losses among friends;

  • a dream about going to the fire truck - perhaps life will soon be overshadowed by the problems associated with an emergency;

  • to go on a fire truck in a dream - for young women, this is a warning against participating in a bad business.

Dream interpretation Denise Lynn. All interpretations here are based on the fact that the machine symbolizes the physical shell and the subject's own Self. Defects in the car, and in general, everything that happens to her in a dream are explained accordingly.

Dream interpretation of Hope and Dmitry Zima. The machine here is a symbol of the possibilities that the sleeper has in reality. And by its state one can judge the success of his undertakings. So, a broken car heralds discord with a partner and troubles in business, and a steam engine signals the intensity of passions and a high level of tension that promises the upcoming project.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy.

  • a dream in which you drive a car predicts a troublesome business that will bring many benefits and be resolved successfully;

  • car breakdown - to the loss in the circle of friends or the occurrence in life of an obstacle, surmountable in the case of the application of forces and patience;

  • if the car "gives" backing - think about it: perhaps in life you are now in retreat.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the Canaanite. A typewriter seen in a dream means a quick settlement of the dispute, and a sewing one warns of the rapid development of the business.

And what does the Wanderer dream book say?

Driving a car in a dream means completely controlling one’s life and practically does not depend on circumstances (the interpretation of a dream is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of the road).

Cars with signals (ambulance, fire) very rarely portend a real disaster. More often, such dreams speak of the subject's intense anxiety, the instability of his emotional state, even his despair or depression.

The interpretation of the modern dream book

Here the car appears as a symbol of physical form and the spiritual component of man. And various kinds of breakdowns of the mechanism “hint” at the unfavorable aspects of the relevant aspects of life (health, mood, habits), which require elaboration.

Usually a dream about a car means good luck. But if the car is an emergency, think about it: most likely, emotional, mental and physical overstrain is brewing. Everything can end in a nervous breakdown, so you should take a time out. If you yourself are driving such a machine, your work definitely doesn’t satisfy you, it’s time to look for a better option.

If a car hit you in a dream, most likely this is a manifestation of an internally perceived sense of danger, the source of which is to be found out in real life. This is usually a job.

National Dream Books

The American dream book treats the car as the personification of the physical and psychological state of the sleeper, and English promises those who look at the car in a dream, success and prosperity in work, quick wealth, and universal respect. Italian dream book identifies the car with the movement of the subject in life. Does he himself control his life or is he just a dependent “passenger”? According to the gypsy dream book, the machine personifies spiritual development. However, if you are going to an ambulance, it means that a serious mistake was made.It is worth reflecting on the recent past and realize it.

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