Career, not love: the main mistakes of Hadid in relations with Zayn

Supermodel Gigi Hadid and famous singer Zayn Malik is no longer a couple. About this, each of them officially reported on Twitter.

Giggy and Zayn were one of the brightest young couples in Hollywood. Their relationship was watched by millions of fans around the world, but this beautiful love story came to an end. Today, the couple officially announced their breakup.

In her Twitter, Gigi wrote: “Statements about parting always seem impersonal, because you cannot put into words what people have experienced for several years ... not only in relationships, but in life in general. I will always be grateful for the love, time and life lessons that we shared with Z. I want only the best for him and I will continue to support him as a friend, for whom I have immense respect and love. As for the future, it will be what is intended. ”

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid split up
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“Gigi and I had wonderful, meaningful, full of love and cheerful relations, and I have great respect and admiration towards Gigi as a girl and friend.She has a beautiful soul. I am grateful to all our fans for respecting this difficult decision and our personal life at this time, we would like this news to be heard from us in the first place. We love you all, ”Malik wrote on his page.

Insiders say that the former lead singer of the band One Direction and the supermodels have very busy schedules and celebrities who could not find a compromise between career and personal life. This begs the question: do all young, beautiful and successful women sooner or later have to make a choice between career and personal life?

We asked our expert whether it is possible to build a harmonious relationship, if a career is in full swing and requires too much time and effort.

Relationship expert, writer, TV host, founder of the school of female wisdom "Good wife."
Olga Kraynova

To be successful in all areas, both in career and in personal terms, is quite difficult. The very concept of success implies that a person makes efforts to ensure that his plans are carried out. To be successful in a career, today it is necessary to make great efforts, to live in a tight schedule and to be constantly in touch.And to build a harmonious relationship, you often need something completely different: you need to find time for your partner, for communication, and it’s great if this communication is not interrupted by calls every few minutes.

But still rush to extremes and choose either love or a career is also not worth it. It is enough to set priorities for yourself, which is more important during this period of life. It is possible that the very partner with whom you are now in a relationship is not the person for whom you want to sacrifice a career. In this case, the question of what to choose - love or career, does not even rise.However, if you want to maintain relationships and at the same time build a career, then there are a few rules that you need to follow.

1. It is necessary to force yourself to switch to home mode, coming home. Do not forget that you are a woman at home, not a careerist and not a lobbyist of your interests. Remember the softness and feminine trick.

2. Do not forget that for mutual understanding and attraction it is necessary to pay attention to the partner and at least just listen to him and talk about what is important for both of you.

3. It is necessary to find strength and desire not only to spend time together, but also to try to diversify your pastime with something that brings pleasure to both.Remember that the fire does not burn, if not toss firewood. And by themselves, without effort, even a very good relationship can get bored and lose importance. But if you follow these simple rules, then you will not have to choose between love and career.

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