Would Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big Divide in Real Life?

This year, the TV show “Sex and the City” had a great anniversary: ​​exactly 20 years ago, the story of a girl who led a column about sex, spent all her money on shoes and discussed everything in the world with her best friends, saw the light (it happened in 1997, and the book of American writer Candace Bushnell instantly became a bestseller). During this time, we not only fell in love with the heroines as our own relatives, but we also cannot imagine Carrie without the man of her dreams, Mr. Big.

Meanwhile, Candace Bushnell herself, as it turned out, is skeptical about “the most famous filmmaker”. In an interview with The Guardian, she suggested that such a happy ending could only happen on the screen, and in real life these two would quickly run away.

“I think in real life, Carrie and Mr. Big would not be able to be together. And on the screen ... The fact is that at some point the series became highly rated, the audience began to empathize with the main character and the man of her dreams.They became for them almost the second Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy. In addition, the women liked to compare themselves with Carrie, saying: "I also found my Mr. Big" or "I just left Mr. Big." This name was included in the lexicon and became a household word. And the production of serials is business, whatever one may say, so we went on about the audience and made a happy ending. We did not think about the continuation, which will be, say, in 10 years. ”

Would Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big Divide in Real Life?

Here is an unexpected twist.

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